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Security Solutions

Fujitsu views improved Internet access to important business information as a key strategy for retaining existing customers and attracting new customers in todays competitive business environment. Companies are constantly seeking ways to leverage the Internet to improve service to their customers whilst lowering costs.

We have partnered with Check Point Software Technologies a "best of breed" leader in providing Security Solutions to enable enterprises and consumers to conduct their businesses with confidence. Our aim is to create a trusted environment for our customers to do business in the Internet age securely through:

  • Multiple Server Security Solutions
  • Use of authentication and encryption to address your key security issues
  • Going beyond Firewalls to protect you against internal threat
  • Deploy Internet and Extranet solutions without exposing your network to more attacks
  • Enable high strength encryption for sensitive data and transactions
  • Eliminate virus attacks
  • Help you to calculate your return on investment
  • Enable you to conduct secure on-line transactions
  • Facilitiate e-commerce and e-communications
  • Managed Security Services for efficiency and scalable management

We are determined in making the promise to everyone of Secure Information Services anywhere, anytime, a reality in the Caribbean.