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Email as a Service (EaaS)

It may be surprising to learn how much of your resources (both financial and personnel) are devoted to the storage, receipt, transmission, backup, and recovery of email. With the use of email increasing every day, operating costs and complexities associated with managing mail platforms are also increasing. But that doesn't have to be the case. More and more organizations are turning to hosted email services provided by IT service vendors such as Fujitsu.

Challenges of Managing Email

It's just email, right? Email is so pervasive that you may not realize just how much it is costing your organization. When you calculate the upfront infrastructure expenses associated with servers, storage, and licenses, as well as those associated with backup and recovery systems, you're talking about a significant investment. Add to that the costs required to provide IT staff to maintain and archive the data, as well as the expenses related to deploying email to new users and new mail groups, you begin to see that "just email" represents a large chunk of your time and money. Additionally, many enterprises can't afford to dedicate any more physical data center space to the burgeoning email requirements.

Fujitsu has a Solution

Fujitsu can provide an email management service to its customers that move the responsibility of daily email management from the customer to Fujitsu. Not only does it allow the customer to focus on their core business, it also reduces the costs associated with maintaining a dedicated email infrastructure.

The Fujitsu hosted email service provides several benefits to our clients:

  • Lower, Predictable Costs: A hosted solution is much more economical than building and maintaining your own solution. There are no initial upfront commitments for infrastructure, hardware, or licensing, and ongoing IT costs are minimal. For a predictable monthly fee, Fujitsu offers a quick and proven migration and implementation.
  • Immediate Returns: Since you aren't required to invest in infrastructure costs up front, you will realize returns immediately, resulting in a much shorter payback period.
  • Reliability and Security: Fujitsu hosted email services includes anti-virus and anti-spam services from an industry-leading provider and helps its clients to make email a manageable expense. Fujitsu enjoys a global reputation for the reliability of its hardware, software, and services. Fujitsu offers 24/7 live, US-based customer support. Our architecture includes state-of-the-art, fully redundant servers, 64-bit architecture, and secure connectivity.
  • Proven Tools: Hosted email services provide businesses with email collaboration and group scheduling with such tools as Microsoft® Outlook, Entourage, and Outlook Web Access (OWA). Fujitsu uses the Microsoft Exchange platform, hosted on a non-dedicated shared hardware infrastructure. This allows our customers – regardless of size – to have flexible, easy-to-use email, collaboration, and scheduling via Microsoft Outlook.
  • Grows as You Grow: Our base Email as a Service (EaaS) includes a Tier 1, 1 GB mailbox accessible through Microsoft Outlook Web Access. This service also includes calendar, all applicable licenses, and anti-virus solutions. Larger customers who require offline email preparation and who want a bigger mailbox can opt for a Tier 2/3/4, 1.5 GB/3 GB/5 GB mailbox plus a variety of additional Outlook features.