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Mission Critical IA Servers
PRIMEQUEST, x86 based Linux/Windows Servers for Enterprise

UNIX Servers
Fujitsu M10


Industry Standard Servers
PRIMERGY, Rack & Blade & Tower Servers, Business Critical Computing

Global Server


Asia Platform Customer Studies FUJITSU Case Studies in Asia Pacific (3.18 MB )
This Case Studies booklet features Fujitsu success stories from around the Asia Pacific regions. The booklet focusses on Fujitsu's comprehensive range of Enterprise products and illustrates how these products can drive value for our customers.

White Paper Contributing to the Environment When Investing in ICT Fujitsu Environmental Platform White Paper (3.45 MB )
In today's enterprises, taking environmental measures and improving managerial efficiencies are of increasing importance. How does Fujitsu support companies in their energy conservation and environmental efforts? This document is designed to outline and explain specific areas in which Fujitsu helps its customers conserve energy.

FUJITSU Enterprise Product & Solution Facts - This booklet introduces Fujitsu Infrastructure products. Fujitsu Enterprise Product & Solution Facts
Dynamic business environments call for Dynamic Infrastructures. They help companies to respond flexibly to changing needs with agile data centers and efficient client infrastructures. That is why Fujitsu offers a unique combination of products and services, solutions and managed infrastructures that help companies operate flexibly and successfully in their markets. This booklet introduces Fujitsu Infrastructure products.

Fujitsu’s Guide to Japanese Fujitsu's Guide to Japanese
Lead by marketing representative Kanako Sato, while investigating Fujitsu's comprehensive products, participants will learn 45 Japanese grammatical items over the course of 8 lessons. For participants new to the Fujitsu brand, this is a great opportunity to become familiar with our products while learning a foreign language at the same time.


Industry standard servers for Windows® and Linux. A comprehensive family of industry standard servers. Scalable, compact, and highly managable blade servers. Rock-solid reliability and industry-leading performance. The perfect choice for enterprise Windows and Linux.

Mission Critical IA Server PRIMEQUEST

High-end mission-critical servers for Windows® and Linux. Built with Fujitsu heritage of performance and reliability. High performance with Intel® Xeon® Processors E7 series. Supports the most demanding Windows Server® and Linux environments. Robust mainframe-class availability and scalability.

Fujitsu M10 Servers

High-end mission-critical servers for Solaris. Built with the mission-critical heritage found in all Fujitsu products. Hosts Solaris 10 and 11 natively, Solaris 8 and 9 in Solaris Zone. Seamlessly scalable from 2 to 1,024 processor cores, with up to 32TB of memory. Implements industry-leading Software on Chip (SWoC) technology.

Server Management

System management ensures that different systems within an enterprise network function economically and securely, allowing for optimal use of system resources.