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Fujitsu (Caribbean) Unveils Hosted Email Service

SimplifyIT - "Highly Available, Secure & Scalable Hosted Email Service"

Fujitsu Transaction Solutions Inc.

Caribbean, January 31, 2008

Fujitsu® introduced its new Hosted Email Service as a part of its Managed Communications & Collaboration portfolio. This service is delivered using the industry leading Microsoft Exchange platform that provides organizations the full functionality of the Microsoft Exchange/Outlook email without the cost, risk and headache associated with the management and support of their own internal exchange infrastructure. This service also provides full email protection with enhanced anti-virus, enhanced anti-spam, encryption and fully compliant email archiving as well as full mobility support for Blackberries, Active Sync and GoodLink. Widely adopted in North America, this service is now the preferred method by most organizations for delivery of email functionality to their organization as they recognize the importance and costliness of designing and managing their own highly available and reliable email infrastructure.

“This service will simplify the task of IT departments delivering highly available and reliable email and mobility services to their user community without the capital expense and headaches normally associated with doing so,” said Clive Allen, Fujitsu’s EVP, Managed & Outsourced Services. “IT managers can now focus on core competencies by having one less day to day function to worry about”. This service is commercially available with monthly per user fees ranging from $6.95 to $16.95 (USD). Internet access is required and is excluded from this service. Today, Fujitsu continues to lead the industry in innovation with its Managed Service offerings.

About Fujitsu Transaction Solutions (Caribbean)

Fujitsu Transaction Solutions Caribbean is a wholly owned subsidiary of the US$50-billion Fujitsu Group. Fujitsu integrates the core expertise of our skilled resources and Business Partners to deliver IT Infrastructure solutions and services that position our customers for growth. We offer strategic managed services that change and evolve in step with the most pressing business and technology issues, to reduce cost and complexity in our customers’ IT environment. Fujitsu has been operating in the Caribbean for over 50 years and has offices in Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and the Bahamas; including business agents in St. Vincent, Haiti, Anguilla, Antigua, Dominican Republic and Grenada, to serve the entire region.
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Date: 31 January, 2008
City: Caribbean
Company: Fujitsu Transaction Solutions Inc.,