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Fujitsu (Trinidad) Scores Big With TSTT Win

Fujitsu Transaction Solutions Inc.

Port-of-Spain, July 11, 2005

Fujitsu Transaction Solutions (Trinidad) Limited has been awarded a US$1.2M contract for the supply, delivery and installation of Hardware and Software to support the Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago’s (TSTT) Billing System. The solutions include Redknee Real-time Billing Solution software and Sun Servers and Storage hardware products.

The Redknee solution is a comprehensive real-time system that offers advanced, flexible service control and billing for all value-added services. The key benefit of Redknee's solution is the bundling of multiple services and infrastructure, including SMSC, MMSC, GPRS and WAP Gateways, enabling TSTT to combine their billing and rating of messaging and data offerings to deliver and support a wide range of end-user experiences.

In the face of competition that will result from the imminent deregulation of the TELCO sector in Trinidad and Tobago, the new consolidated Billing Platform will provide TSTT the ability to better align revenue management processes and systems by combining billing functionalities from various billing processes into a single system. By streamlining their business processes, TSTT will drive their leadership presence in their market by being able to offer higher levels of customer service and bringing new services to market quickly, to maintain their competitive edge.

The lifecycle of this project spans 3 months and is already nearing completion. Upon successful delivery of this project, TSTT will realize significant benefits including the flexibility to deploy, support and charge for a range of value-added services, including SMS, GPRS, content downloads, and data applications, while enhancing the customer experience and opening up new high value revenue streams. In addition, with Redknee's Real-Time Billing solution, telecoms providers have the ability to offer innovative services while accurately billing and managing these services in real time, with support for intelligent per-subscriber tariffing and profiling for prepaid and postpaid customers.

TSTT will be able to offer compelling and consistent services and bill in real-time based on content, volume, time of day, service type, roaming scenarios and application-specific parameters. The integrated suite of Synaxis products allows for consistent provisioning, and management of services - providing for operational savings while supporting advanced services. Redknee's Real-time Billing solution offers underlying infrastructure capabilities (including SMS-Cs, MMS-Cs, GPRS elements, etc.) to be leveraged in a unified manner while enabling a cohesive billing strategy to provide a simple, transparent end-user experience.

Under this contract, Fujitsu is responsible for the Infrastructure and Back-up environment that will support the Billing solution. Fujitsu’s deliverables include planning and technical services to support the on-site installation and set-up of three (3) Sun V65, thirteen (13) Sun V240, two (2) Sun V490, two (2) Sun V890, one (1) Sun Blade 1500, one (1) Storedge L25 Tape Library and six (6) StorEdge 6120 Array. Redknee will assume responsibility for the installation of the software as well as training.

About Fujitsu Transaction Solutions (Caribbean)

Fujitsu Transaction Solutions Caribbean is a wholly owned subsidiary of the US$50-billion Fujitsu Group. Fujitsu integrates the core expertise of our skilled resources and Business Partners to deliver IT Infrastructure solutions and services that position our customers for growth. We offer strategic managed services that change and evolve in step with the most pressing business and technology issues, to reduce cost and complexity in our customers’ IT environment. Fujitsu has been operating in the Caribbean for over 50 years and has offices in Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and the Bahamas; including business agents in St. Vincent, Haiti, Anguilla, Antigua, Dominican Republic and Grenada, to serve the entire region.
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Date: 11 July, 2005
City: Port-of-Spain
Company: Fujitsu Transaction Solutions Inc.,