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  5. Trinidad & Tobago provides high quality service with new on-line incorporation service

Government of Trinidad & Tobago

Trinidad & Tobago provides high quality service with new on-line incorporation service

The Challenge

The Government of Trinidad & Tobago undertook a feasibility study on the opportunities for the Government of Trinidad & Tobago in enhancing its presence and service to its corporate stakeholders in the registration of companies. The feasibility study concluded that in order for the Government to make an impact in the market, some enabling features would be required. The proposal was to introduce an (internally) on-line company incorporation service, which could be active 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. This ability it was felt would set Trinidad & Tobago apart from most other "corporation friendly" jurisdictions.

The Solution

Fujitsu-ICL proposed a Sun/Oracle/Solaris based solution for the database. Access to the Registry would be via local infrastructure, but the system is designed for web based access and features would be introduced to provide security of operation. Internal workstations are Dell. The operating system is Windows NT. The use of the Registry system is not open to everyone. All users must be registered with the Ministry of legal affairs that acts as the Regulator, before access can be given to the system. Therefore, a key requirement is to be able to control and indeed identify who is actually using the Registry services. The project has adopted a password access system as the primary identification methodology. Given that the documents lodged with the Registry can be called for as part of a court case, a methodology had to be identified to ensure that 'original documents' could be created and to ensure that they cannot be tampered with. Obviously, filling in fields in a form and entering those into the database does not create a 'document'. Permission had to also be given for approved persons to conduct on-line company searches, to ensure that the correct fees are charged and to provide a full audit trail for all financial transactions. Given the uniqueness of the requirements and the necessity to seek solutions to specific problems in implementing this complex system, Fujitsu-ICL called on the services of their longtime partner, the Techlead Corporation, to develop and customise the software.


The implementation of the Registry project has been a significant achievement. Since going live in October 1999, the system produced by Fujitsu-ICL and Techlead has proven its reliability and demonstrates, on a daily basis, that the original objectives and requirements set for the system are being achieved, in some cases, the requirements have been handsomely exceeded.

The response to the introduction of the system by the ministry of legal affairs has been exceptional. Normally, a community of lawyers is, by definition, very conservative. However, the Registry system is starting to be embraced in significant numbers. This is boding well for the future of Trinidad as a premier Financial Services center.

"Providing the highest quality service to our commercial sector is now our trademark due in large part to the new registration solution".


  • Government

Offering Groups:

  • Consulting

Solution Areas:

  • Systems & Network Management
  • XML/Web Services


  • Caribbean


  • Enhance Registry presence and services to its stake holders
  • Provide secure and reliable access


  • Security - users must be registered before access is given
  • Audit trail - provides record so correct fees are accessed for all financial transactions
  • Reliability - the system can be accessed via the web 24 x 7