Employees like that they are able to create cost estimates and send them to clients immediately after receiving their requests, a task which they were not able to do before. This makes our clients happy as well.

Masato Mukoyama, Acting Department Head Information Systems Department Corporate Strategy & Planning Division East Japan Marketing & Communications, Inc.
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East Japan Marketing & Communications, Inc.

Converting computers into thin clients establishes a secure remote access environment – a work style innovation that makes sales staff more efficient


East Japan Marketing & Communications, Inc. (JR Higashi Nihon Kikaku) is the advertising agency of the East Japan Railway Company (JR East). It handles aspects as an advertising agency and media company in charge of planning and managing digital signage in JR train stations and onboard trains.


  • Use a flexible, efficient way of working to reduce the amount of overtime
  • Need a stylish, lightweight, slim, and secure thin client
  • Install VDI in line with the introduction of a hot desk system


Fujitsu implemented a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure to enable remote access with guaranteed security, by creating thin clients to prevent data from being saved on devices.


  • Employee working hours dramatically reduced, and efficiency in client interactions improved
  • Converted fat clients into thin clients, maximizing both security and convenience
  • Created a secure VDI in just two months, utilizing the existing network

Download Full Case Study PDF

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