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Fujitsu creates a highly reliable Contact Center for the University of the West Indies

"The platform is remarkably reliable because of Fujitsu’s preventative maintenance approach. In two years of operation we have had only three issues, and when we do call, we know any problems will be solved efficiently"

Dr. George Stewart, Senior Project Officer, Mona Campus, University of the West Indies

The customer

The University of the West Indies (UWI) is the largest and longest standing higher education provider in the English-speaking Caribbean. In its more than 60 years of existence, it has evolved from a fledgling college on the Caribbean island of Jamaica with 33 students’ to a fully-fledged university with over 45,000 students across four campuses. As an icon of Caribbean integration and culture, UWI remains committed to enhancing every aspect of Caribbean development and improving the well-being of the people of the Caribbean.

The challenge

In the wake of the global economic crisis of 2007, UWI was faced with reduced government funding and an increase in students defaulting on their tuition fees. It wanted to develop new revenue streams while offering employment opportunities to students.

The solution

UWI turned to long term partner Fujitsu to design and build a 700 seat contact center. Fujitsu managed multiple hardware and software vendors as well as cabling to create the new business from the ground up.

The benefit

  • Project delivered on time and within budget, despite the involvement of numerous vendors
  • Provided an opportunity for employment for over a thousand students giving them an income to offset tuition fees thus ensuring that they can complete their courses
  • Provided much needed revenue for the university in a time of austerity