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Our People

Fujitsu has a staff population of 220 skilled professionals spread across our regional operations. As part of the worldwide Fujitsu Group, our adherence to superior performance and high standards is a priority to ensure that we deliver sustainable and profitable growth to all our customers, in the services we provide. We employ quality Caribbean nationals who bring personal experiences and expertise to their respective professions and in turn, to the people we serve.

Staffing & Skills

Our staff is made up of a wealth of specialized skills to support all our solutions and product sets. We employ Caribbean nationals to fill most of the positions in our Companies because we believe in our own. We are open to hiring non-Caribbean nationals but we strongly believe that there is a wealth of skills within the Caribbean and we intend to create opportunities for those qualified individuals.

Specialist resources across our Caribbean operations are made available to customers on both a formally planned basis and on a needs basis as the implementation of a project progresses. The concept of shared access to specialist resources and dedicated centers of excellence across the region has served us well, as an approach to implementing complex mission critical projects


Fujitsu is an equal opportunity employer. We recruit and maintain the highest calibre of staff possible to fill all our positions; whether technical, sales, managerial, clerical or customer service.

Opportunity & Growth

We give employees opportunity for mobility within the company, by encouraging those possessing the requirements to apply for the jobs which increase their range of knowledge and experience, and therefore their promotional opportunities.

Fujitsu maintains planned Management, Supervisory and Technical Development Programmes to assure continuity and maximum performance at all levels of the organization.

Our Culture

We foster a work environment which promotes maximum employee productivity and job satisfaction, in an atmosphere of goodwill amongst all employees.