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Contributing to a Sustainable Society through ICT Services

Our Approach

The effort to "Contribute to sustainable development of society through provision of ICT services" is one of the goals in the Fujitsu Group's Environmental Action Plan (Stage VIII). With the United Nations having adopted a set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015, thereby laying out clear international targets, the Fujitsu Group is now aiming to contribute even more to the sustainability of customers and society.

Bringing that vision of a sustainable society to fruition will require initiatives to tackle a wide variety of social and environmental issues, ranging from combating global warming through reductions in GHG emissions to saving natural resources, preserving biodiversity, stabilizing food supplies, responding to urbanization, and protecting against disasters. Information and communication technology (ICT), which helps optimize, streamline, and automate processes in a diverse mix of fields, has the power to drive solutions to the problems that society and the natural environment are facing. By leveraging its ICT services and working with customers, the Fujitsu Group is determined to play an important role in achieving SDGs on a global scale.

FY 2017 Performance and Results

Summary of FY2017 Achievement

Publishing Case Studies of Contribution to Sustainable Growth for Society through the Provision of ICT Service

On our website, Fujitsu published eight new case studies of contribution including "solutions for breaking away from conventional administrative styles which use dedicated financial equipment and realizing increased administrative efficiency and paperless business through the use of tablets, etc." and "solutions for providing SaaS services and increasing the efficiency of power consumed for conventional servers and operation management processes."

Efforts toward Sustainable Development of Society

Case Studies

The Fujitsu Group contributes to the realization of a sustainable society through the provision of various services and solutions.

GHG Emission Reduction through the Provision of ICT

ICT can help reduction of the amount of energy and resources used, movement of people and materials, and office space required for business operations, which eventuates into a reduction in GHG emissions. The Fujitsu Group has been increasing the contribution of its customers and society as a whole on the reduction of GHG emissions, by quantitatively assessing the amount of GHG emissions that can be reduced by adopting ICT.

Provision of Environmental Solutions

We offer our customers solutions that support implementation and advancement of environmental management to support their competitiveness and reduce environmental burden. (link to Japanese site)