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Reducing the Amount of Water Used

Our Approach

Global water shortage risks are increasing along with climate change, destruction of forests, and economic and population growth in emerging and developing countries. For companies, as well, water shortages bear risks toward business continuity.

Reducing water usage and recycling water are critical issues. Since the Fujitsu Group uses especially large amounts of water in our semiconductor and printed circuit board manufacturing, we believe it is particularly necessary to reduce our water consumption in these areas. In addition to general water saving, to date we have been continuously striving to recirculate and reuse water by recycling pure water and reusing rainwater. Under our Environmental Action Plan (Stage VIII), we have strengthened our efforts to use water resources effectively even more than in the past.

FY 2017 Performance and Results

Summary of FY 2017 Achievements

247,500 m3 Cumulative Reduction in Water Usage from FY 2013

In regard to the target for reduction of water usage stipulated in the Environmental Action Plan (Stage VIII), we achieved cumulative reduction of 247,500 m3 (139,300 in FY 2016; 108,200 in FY 2017), far exceeding the FY 2017 target of a 50,000 m3 reduction.

Water usage for FY 2017 was 15,540,000 m3 (specific consumption per sale: 379.2 m3/100 million yen), which was a 7.9% decrease compared to FY 2016, with increased production in addition to other factors. However, the proportion of water usage consisting of recycled water overall was 49.6%, a 5.0% increase compared to FY 2016, as a result of various efforts at each office and plant to use water resources effectively.

Trends in Water Usage and Amounts of Recycled Water

Main Activities in FY 2017

Reduction of Water Usage in the Coating and Cleaning Processes

Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd. has set target values for each of its offices (plants) which use a large amount of water and is engaged in reduction activities. In FY 2017, the company switched from acidic waste water to circulating waste water, eliminated unnecessary processes by revising the manufacturing process, and reduced the amount of water supply for coating (revised the water supply amount to the target value from the control upper limit value). Through these measures, the company succeeded in reducing the annual water usage by 42,840 m3 (equivalent to 10 million yen). In FY 2018, the company seeks an annual reduction of approximately 30,000 m3 (equivalent to 9 million yen) through measures such as recycling of water used for the washing of manufacturing equipment.

Activities to reduce water usageActivities to reduce water usage by revising the manufacturing process (process improvement) (Shinko Electric Industries)