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Limiting Amounts of Waste Generated

Our Approach

The Fujitsu Group sees waste as a valuable resource and continuously works to recover resources from our waste, or to use that waste as an energy source. In Japan, we have been reducing our final disposal amounts every year. However, given the difficulty of building new disposal sites, and the limited lifespans of existing sites, the environment surrounding our waste disposal is as challenging as ever.

By proactively installing equipment and reusing waste, we are working to follow the stipulations in Japan's Fundamental Law for Establishing a Sound Material-Cycle Society to 1) reduce waste generated, 2) reuse waste, 3) recycle waste, and 4) recover heat from waste. We do this in order to reduce the amounts of waste acid, waste alkali, and sludge generated in our production of semiconductors and printed circuit boards. Furthermore, in order to properly dispose of waste, we have established the Standards for Consignment of Waste Disposal as company-wide standards. These standards are based on the Waste Management and Public Cleansing Act.

On-site Auditing for Outsourcing Contractors

We conclude contracts with waste processors through a contract that is commonly used by the Fujitsu Group. On-site auditing of waste processors we have contracts with is regularly performed to confirm appropriate processing of waste. If multiple business sites have a contract with one processor, a representative business site conducts on-site auditing based on the representative auditing regulations. In other cases, each business site individually conducts auditing to confirm the practice of appropriate processing.

FY 2017 Performance and Results

Summary of 2017 Achievements

Measures for Reducing Waste Generation Amount and Converting Waste to Value-Added Material

Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited converted plastic drums and chemical polyethylene contains to value-added material (53 tons). Shimane Fujitsu Limited reused a portion of wooden pallets used at the time of parts delivery to ship products (11 tons). This achieved our waste generation target of 21,905 tons (generation rate/unit of sales: 0.53 tons/100 mill. yen).

Waste Generated and Effective Utilization Ratio

Waste_Generated Effective_Use and Final_Disposal