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Reduce CO2 Emissions from Transportation

Our Approach

With Group companies and business sites worldwide, and materials/parts sourced from a significant number of business partners, reducing CO2 emissions accompanying logistics and transportation activities is a priority for the Fujitsu Group.

The Fujitsu Group has worked toward its targets for CO2 emission reductions from domestic transport. Since Environmental Action Plan (Stage VII), we have expanded the scope of reductions to transport within regions overseas, as well as international transport. Stage VIII also drives streamlining and greater in global logistics.

The Group is working toward lowering environmental impact throughout the supply chain, such as displaying copies of the Fujitsu Group Green Logistics Procurement Directions, to strengthen our partnerships. Lastly, as an initiative in our overall distribution process, the Group is devoting effort to the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) in packaging products and materials/parts.

FY 2017 Performance and Results

Summary of FY2017 Achievements

Reduced by 10.0% Compared to Previous FY; FY 2017 Results Broadly Surpassed Targets

The amount of transportation CO2 emissions in FY 2017 was 80,000 tons. Among that amount, 20,000 tons of CO2 were emitted during transport in Japan, while 60,000 tons were emitted during transport to overseas and transport in foreign regions. The amount of CO2 emissions per sales was reduced by 10.0% compared to FY 2016, which means that the Group succeeded in meeting its targets for FY 2017.

Trends in CO2 Emissions from Transport

Example Initiatives in FY 2017

Promoting modal shifts (switching from air to ocean shipments)

For the material shipment of computers and PC servers from overseas, Fujitsu is actively switching to ocean shipments which have lower environmental burdens and lower costs than shipments by air.

Expanding the use of joint transportation with other companies

The Fujitsu Group is promoting joint transportation by partnering with logistics providers and loading Fujitsu products together with products of other companies. In FY 2016, we mainly used joint transport on key routes between logistics terminals; Furthermore, in FY 2017, we expanded the scope of application to include shipping in major urban areas from logistics terminals to customers. This expansion allowed us to further reduce the number of trucks used.

Reducing the amount of transportation CO2 emissions through various measures for increasing efficiency

By using the "Green Logistics Case Studies handbook of Transportation CO2 Reductions" which was created in FY 2016, Group companies in Japan and overseas actively engaged in activities such as revising their transportation plans, formulating measures for increasing loading rate, and revising packaging materials. This made it possible to reduce the amount of transportation CO2 emissions.