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Reducing Chemical Substances Emissions

Our Approach

We manage the amounts used for about 1,300 chemicals in the Fujitsu Group in order to prevent environmental risks that could lead to environmental pollution or adverse health effects due to our use of harmful chemical substances. We operate a Chemical Information System called "FACE," which we use to register and monitor chemicals at every site, manage Safety Data Sheet (SDS), control income and expenditures in conjunction with purchasing data and inventory data, and strengthen our management and efficient use of chemicals.

FY 2017 Performance and Results

Summary of FY2017 Achievements

Achieved On-Going PRTR Substance Emission Target

Group-wide chemical substance emissions for FY 2017 came to 16.7 tons for PRTR, within the target value in the Environmental Action Plan (Stage VIII).

Trends in PRTR Substance Emissions in Japan

Main Activities in FY 2017

Reducing the Average PRTR Emissions Amount per Coat by Developing and Implementing Powder Coating Technology

Fujitsu Kasei Limited implemented powder coating which does not use solvents for the primer of computer casing components for some products (models). Powder coating achieves a thickness equivalent to two to three coats of normal primer (paint for undercoat). This made it possible to reduce the average PRTR emissions amount per one coat from 7.0 grams to 5.7 grams, a decrease of 18.6%. Furthermore, in addition to revising the paint coating program, we implemented technological measures such as attaching a direct grounding wire to jigs in order to adjust the powder discharge and improve the coating efficiency. This suppresses wasteful use of paint.

Regarding the amount of chemical substances handled (and the amount discharged) in FY 2017, the amount of cleaning thinner used increased due to a heightened frequency of cleaning coating jigs used in important processes. This change was made in order to support an increase in in-house production and to ensure quality. As a result, the amount of PRTR emissions increased compared to the previous fiscal year. However, the implementation of powder coating enabled significant suppression for the amount of solvent paint used. When comparing the amount of production, it was 810,000 coats in FY 2016 and 1.2 million coats (148%) in FY 2017.

In FY 2018, we are seeking to reduce the cleaning thinner for coating jigs, which was the reason for the increase discussed above. By taking actions which include recycling, we are implementing activities aimed at reducing the amount of PRTR emissions.

Notebook PC case
Normal solvent and powder coating

(Left)Notebook PC case (powder coating without using solvent)
(Right)Normal solvent and powder coating