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In-House Environmental Seminar and Workshop

In-House Environmental Seminar and Workshop

Believing that the first step toward the realization of a sustainable society is to be aware of social and environmental issues and international trends, we conduct environmental seminars for our employees periodically.


September: "3rd SDG Seminar by Industry (Finance & Distribution, Administration)"

Picture: SDG Seminar by Industry (Finance & Distribution, Administration)
From the left Mr. Mori, Ms. Ogawa,
Mr. Nakajima, Ms. Zhao

In order to consider the utilization of digital technologies in the fields of finance & distribution and administration from the perspective of SDGs, we hosted lectures concerning cases in China and Demark, which are experiencing digital reform, as well as a lecture concerning Society 5.0 in Japan. These lectures were delivered by Ms. Weilin Zhao of the Fujitsu Research Institute, Mr. Kensuke Nakajima of the Embassy of Denmark, and Ms. Naoko Ogawa of Keidanren (the Japan Business Federation). Following the lectures, we held a panel discussion about the type of digital reform that should be advanced and the types of SDGs that should be achieved in Japan. The moderator of this discussion was Mr. Setsu Mori, chief editor of the magazine alterna.

June - Special Lecture: "Will Space Debris Bring About an Age without Satellites?"

Picture: Yusuke Taguchi
Yusuke Taguchi

We welcomed Mr. Taguchi from ASTROSCALE PTE. LTD. in order to reacquaint ourselves with the concept that resolving environmental and social issues can lead to business. He delivered a lecture concerning space debris removal - previously thought by most space development professionals to be impossible to achieve - in which he addressed subjects such as the circumstances that led to the commercialization of this activity, as well as his company's business model.


February: “2nd Nikkei BP Industrial Sectors Seminar (Retail & Distribution)”

Picture: Tatsuyuki Negoro
Tatsuyuki Negoro

Picture: Motohiro Honma
Motohiro Honma

To better understand the challenges and changes facing retail & distribution divisions from the perspective of sustainability, Nikkei BP presented the latest in company trends, while Tatsuyuki Negoro, a professor at Waseda Business School, talked about the sharing economy, and Motohiro Honma of the Japan Weather Association spoke on weather forecasting and the use of AI in demand forecasting.

January: “1st Nikkei BP Industrial Sectors Seminar (Production & Manufacturing)”

Picture: Hironori Hibino
Hironori Hibino

Picture: Shinichi Kodama
Shinichi Kodama

To better understand the challenges and changes facing the production & manufacturing sectors from the perspective of sustainability, Nikkei BP presented the latest in company trends, while Omron’s Shinichi Kodama spoke on innovations his company is promoting on the production floor, and Hironori Hibino talked about new production management systems in the era of IoT.

December: Fujitsu In-house Photo Exhibit “Are You Familiar With the SDGs?”

Picture: "Are You Familiar With the SDGs?"

Poverty, food, heath, education, gender.... To get employees to think about sustainable development goals, Fujitsu held an in-house exhibit of photographs that express in a real way the challenges our world faces.

December: Seminar “An Environmental War Without Weapons—Survival Strategies for Japan and It’s Companies”

Picture: Ryuichi Teshima
Ryuichi Teshima

Picture: Yusuke Matsuo
Yusuke Matsuo

This seminar covered current world affairs and policy trends related to climate change. Ryuichi Teshima, former NHK Washington Bureau Chief, provided an explanation of intelligence regarding climate change issues, while Yusuke Matsuo from the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies presented international trends and changes in the business environment from COP23.

June: Environment Month Seminar “Global Warming in the Eyes of a Weather Forecaster”

Picture: Nobuyuki Hirai
Nobuyuki Hirai

An environmentally themed seminar was held for employees in June, the Environment Month in Japan.
We invited NHK Good Morning Japan weathercaster Nobuyuki Hirai to speak in an easy to understand fashion from his perspective as a weather forecaster about such topics as climate trends related to global warming and the response that will be required of us, and expectations for ICT companies.

March to April: "2030 Future Forecasting Seminar + Ideathon" (Workshop)

Picture: Sakae Tanaka

We invited Mr. Sakae Tanaka of Aquabit Corporation to serve as an instructor, as he has a reputation for future forecasting. He provided an educational program for developing human resources that can think what services will be required of ICT in the future, based on future forecasting.


December: "Enforcement of Paris Agreement - Business Strategies in the Era of Reform" (Seminar)

Picture: Left) Seita Emori, Right) Yusuke Matsuo

We invited Mr. Seita Emori of the National Institute for Environmental Studies and Mr. Yusuke Matsuo of the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) to the seminar. They reported on COP22, held in November 2016, and talked about the anticipated changes in future business environments.

October "Environmental Seminar: Learn SDGs" (Seminar)

Picture: Left) Hiroko Kuniya, Right) Mariko Kawaguchi

We invited newscaster Ms. Hiroko Kuniya and Ms. Mariko Kawaguchi of the Daiwa Institute of Research to this seminar, which was designed to help each employee understand the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and implement them in business.