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The History of Fujitsu's Environmental Activities

The History of Fujitsu's Environmental Activities
1935 Park-style design adopted for new Kawasaki Plant at suggestion of Fujitsu's founder, Manjiro Yoshimura.
1938 Kawasaki Plant completed.
1972 Environmental control sections established at each plant.
1987 Ozone Layer Protection Committee established.
1989 Environmental Committee established.
1990 Environmental management evaluation system implemented.
1991 Environmental Engineering Promotion Center established.
1992 Fujitsu's Commitment to the Environment formulated.
Use of CFCs and carbon tetrachloride for cleaning eliminated.
Energy Saving Committee established.
1993 Product Recycling Committee established.
Waste Control Committee established.
Fujitsu Environmental Protection Program (Stage I) formulated.
Product Environmental Assessment Guidelines formulated.
Domestic Affiliated Companies' Environmental Protection Council established.
Environmental Information Service (FJ-CUG) inaugurated.
1994 First issue of Eco-Plaza environmental bulletin published.
Use of 1,1,1-trichloroethane eliminated.
1st Fujitsu Group Environmental Technology Exhibition held.
Fujitsu Environmental Emblem designed.
Overseas Environmental Information Network began operations.
1995 Environmental Management System Committee established.
Recycling system established and implemented.
Fujitsu Group Worldwide Environmental Protection Council established.
1996 Fujitsu Environmental Protection Program (Stage II) formulated.
Environmental Engineering Center homepage placed on intranet.
Chemical Emissions Reduction Committee established.
First Environmental Report published.
1997 Environmental homepage established on Fujitsu website.
All domestic manufacturing sites certified ISO14001 compliant.
1998 Reforestation activities started in Thailand.
Green Product program launched.
1999 Environmental accounting introduced.
Reforestation activities started in Vietnam.
2000 Four development and service sites in Japan certified ISO14001 compliant.
Corporate Environmental Affairs Unit established.
Desktop PC awarded Eco-mark for first time.
2001 Fujitsu Environmental Protection Program (Stage III) formulated.
Calendar using paper from sustainable forest published.
Reforestation activities started in Malaysia.
2002 A world's first: Tin-zinc-aluminum lead-free solder developed.
A world's first: Biodegradable plastic parts with lower environmental load employed in notebook computers.
Fujitsu Group Environmental Policy established.
A world's first: Magnesium alloy recycled in-house applied in notebook computers.
2003 Support for reforestation activities employing Rhythm Forest reforestation network game initiated.
Zero waste emission achieved by all 13 plants in Japan.
2004 ISO14001 integrated certification acquired by all Fujitsu Limited sites, among largest systems in Japan.
100% Green Product ratio achieved for all newly developed products.
Fujitsu Group Environmental Protection Program (Stage IV) formulated.
2005 ISO14001 certification acquired by all Group companies in Japan.
Supply of Super Green Products began.
2006 ISO14001 globally integrated certification acquired, including overseas Group companies. Established global environmental management framework for the Group as a whole.
2007 Fujitsu Group Environmental Protection Program (Stage V) formulated.
Green Policy Innovation project, which reduces our customers' environmental load through green ICT, started.
2008 Green Policy 2020 medium-term environmental vision formulated.
2009 Biodiversity Action Principles formulated.
2010 Fujitsu Group Environmental Protection Program (Stage VI) formulated.
2011 Environmental Management Dashboard operations began full-scale.
2012 Further empowered the Environmental Committee and established the Environmental Management Committee chaired by the Company's President.
2013 Formulated the Fujitsu Group Environmental Action Plan (Stage VII).
2016 Formulated the Fujitsu Group Environmental Action Plan (Stage VIII).
2017 Formulated Mid/Long-term Environmental Vision FUJITSU Climate and Energy Vision
The Environmental Strategy Unit and the CSR Promotion office merge to form the Responsible Business Unit.
2018 Declared to join "RE 100" and make all electric power used from renewable energy.