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In-House Educational and Enlightenment Activities

To ensure that our environmental management takes firm root through the participation of all employees, the Fujitsu Group believes it essential to increase the environmental awareness of each and every employee to a point where it promotes environmentally friendly practices. Based on this belief, the Group has been carrying out comprehensive environmental training.

Carrying Out Comprehensive Environmental Education

We have all our employees take E-learning to acquire a basic understanding of environmental management. Education is provided to new entrants and to managers, as well as by department. We also implement professional education for internal auditors, waste management personnel and others for employees in charge of work related to the environment.

Fujitsu's Environmental Education System

Promoting Environmental e-Learning for all Group Employees

Environmental e-Learning program screenshot

The Fujitsu Group offers environmental e-Learning to all of its employees. The purpose of the training is to promote understanding and practical implementation of the background and content of our 8th Environmental Action Plan.