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FY 2016 Stakeholder Dialogue Session


Enhancing Business Management through Dialogue with Outside Experts

Aiming to reflect the opinions of diverse stakeholders in business management, the Fujitsu Group regularly invites outside experts to participate in dialogues with its senior management team. Recently, we hosted a lively discussion about how best to use technology to contribute to sustainable development and ensure the Company's continued growth.

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Session 3

Dialogue Participants

*Positions and titles of participants are as at the time the dialogue was held.

Picture: Participants 1

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Concluding Our 3rd Dialogue

Messages from Experts

Picture:Ms. K Nemoto Director, United Nations Information CenterMs. K Nemoto
United Nations Information Center

Innovate to Reach Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) *1 ) represent a "master plan" for driving the world forward through to 2030. In other words, they will become a "common language" for the world. There is a strong affinity between the "leaving no one behind" ideal that underpins the SDGs and the Fujitsu Group's vision of realizing a Human Centric Intelligent Society.
As part of efforts to realize its "do no harm" principle when providing aid on the ground, the United Nations is taking measures to solve issues through innovation that takes advantage of the latest technology, such as drones, biometric-authentication, and FinTech,*2 and enables efforts on a larger scale. I hope to see the Fujitsu Group's technologies playing useful roles worldwide.

Picture: Ms. M Eda President, Intel K.K. (Japan) Vice President, Sales and Marketing Group, Intel CorporationMs. M Eda
President, Intel K.K. (Japan)
Vice President, Sales and Marketing Group, Intel Corporation

Continue Taking on Reform Aimed at Sustaining Business Growth

Disruptive innovation in digital society is creating new business models and having a worldwide effect. Business managers must respond rapidly to such worldwide change to sustain business growth.
The integration of social values and technology will be a major theme. We will work with the Fujitsu Group in the information and communication technology (ICT) field to examine ways in which we can contribute to the happiness of more people through further development and beneficial exploitation of technology.

Picture: Mr. Y Ono Assistant Director and Professor, International Research Institute of Disaster Science (IRIDeS),Mr. Y Ono
Assistant Director and Professor,
International Research Institute of Disaster Science (IRIDeS),

Use ICT to Help People Make Optimal Decisions

To create new ways of thinking that are unfettered by conventional wisdom, it is necessary to establish a diverse base and undertake globally creative disruption. Also, focusing on large-scale partnerships with the United Nations and other international organizations will enable the creation of business models that affect society.
In the disaster field, in which I specialize, and other fields, situations often become irremediable due to an inability to use information effectively. I look forward to the emergence of ICT that helps people make optimal decisions in a variety of situations.

Messages from Fujitsu Management

Picture: T Tanaka Representative Director and PresidentT Tanaka
Representative Director and President

Adopt External Viewpoints to Spur Reform

The essence of corporate social responsibility lies in transforming management and businesses in light of the Earth's finite resources and the need for sustainability. As a corporate group operating technology-based businesses, the Fujitsu Group has made focusing on people and contributing to their happiness and wellbeing a major premise of its businesses. Today's discussion reaffirmed that for continuous growth it is vitally important to examine basic premises in light of outside viewpoints and reform business management flexibly without being bound to existing methods.
In today's world, ICT is indispensable in daily life. A single ICT application can advance or hinder humanity's development significantly. Regarding the role we should play in achieving such common global targets as the SDGs, we will adopt an outside-in approach to transforming our activities. Through an unending cycle of reform, whereby we inform stakeholders about our priorities and seek feedback, we aim to keep growing as a corporate group that meets society's expectations. We intend to actively collaborate for and support global innovation.

Picture: N Taniguchi Director and Corporate Executive Officer, SEVP, Head of Global Services Integration BusinessN Taniguchi
Director and Corporate Executive Officer, SEVP, Head of Global Services Integration Business

Aim to Build Systems from a Global Perspective

Fujitsu Group engineers who build or ensure the stable operation of system infrastructure that underpins customers'businesses have a strong commitment and sense of mission in relation to supporting Japan and the world. We actively secure and foster such personnel. However, in the performance of their duties, our personnel have few opportunities to incorporate measures that address global problems.
We will adopt a more global viewpoint by raising the percentage of non-Japanese personnel in divisions. At the same time, we will focus efforts on creating businesses that address social issues through knowledge integration.

Picture: M Yasui Corporate Executive Officer, EVP, Head of Legal, Compliance & IP UnitM Yasui
Corporate Executive Officer, EVP, Head of Legal, Compliance & IP Unit

Ensure the Group's Sustainability through Governance

I think that governance is an important component of the Group's sustainability. Currently, we are strengthening governance by increasing the diversity of our directors and setting basic governance policies. In addition, we focus constantly on the missions and ethics of managers and the contribution to society of our businesses.
In particular, our external directors have a well-developed awareness of such global issues as SDGs. In consultation with external directors, I want to examine the measures we can take to meet the expectations of external stakeholders, including the participants in today's discussion.

Picture: S Honjo President and Representative Director Fujitsu Research InstituteS Honjo
President and Representative Director
Fujitsu Research Institute

Adopt a Global Viewpoint

As the Fujitsu Group's think tank, the institute considers how to reflect external opinions in the Group's businesses. To receive feedback, we need to proactively release more information. Therefore, we are inviting external stakeholders, including those from overseas, to events aimed at disseminating such information.
By approaching issues from a global viewpoint, we can identify where the technology of Japan and the Fujitsu Group can be useful. To avoid only having in-house discussions that tend to lack variety, I want to communicate with external stakeholders to incorporate new viewpoints.

*1 The United Nations General Assembly unanimously adopted the SDGs in September 2015. There are 17 SDGs, which comprise 169 targets relating to people, the Earth, and nutrition. International society is tasked with reaching these goals by 2030.
*2 This term was coined through a combination of the words "financial" and "technology." FinTech refers to the use of smart devices and big data technology to eliminate inefficiencies in existing financial services and provide innovative financial services. For details on the Fujitsu Group's initiatives in this area, please see "Social and Relationship Capital" on page 47.

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