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With Our Customers

To Increase Customer Satisfaction

Fast-changing social and economic environments make it difficult to see far ahead, what is demanded of us is to quickly and accurately grasp customers' wishes and change ourselves while thinking and acting from the customer's point of view. We are aiming for management innovation by using the "Program to Improve the Quality of Management,"*1 and taking a number of initiatives to form an innovative corporate culture that can keep pace with customer changes.

*1 Program to Improve the Quality of Management:
A framework for customer-centric management excellence modeled on the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award of the United States, the de facto global standard for management innovation.

Promoting Field Innovation with the Customer

Field Innovation closely visualizes the actions and the awareness of people at customers' workplaces to uncover waste in processes and hints for effecting reforms. It seeks to maximize the value of ICT while contributing to the evolution and expansion of customers' business. Fujitsu launched Field Innovation activities in 2007, working together with a wide variety of customers in a diverse mix of industries. In FY2017, the Field Innovation activities implemented 290 projects.

Collaborating with customers and spearheading the Field Innovation initiative are “Field Innovators” (FIers)— a select group of managers who have extensive experience in Fujitsu’s various business areas and a skill set that includes a capacity for driving reform, a mastery of visualization techniques, and an ability to achieve consensus. Teams of FIers head to customer business locations to learn about top management’s intentions, interview employees in the field, and visualize conditions to help pinpoint issues to address. After identifying problems, the FIers collaborate with customers on possible solutions from a third-party perspective.

Promotion Structure

The Field Innovation Process

Operation of the Fujitsu Customer Contact Center and the Fujitsu Contact Line

We established the Fujitsu Customer Contact Center in 2003 to handle inquiries concerning products and services from customers who are not sure where to address their issues together with other general complaints. Also, in order to respond quickly to corporate customers concerning the functions and prices of products and services before they make their purchases, we established the Fujitsu Contact Line in 2005 as a single contact point for all pre-purchase telephone inquiries, listing one sole telephone number on our corporate website and in brochures, press releases, and advertisements. The Contact Line provides a convenient, one-stop contact to help Fujitsu boost customer satisfaction.

The role of the Fujitsu Customer Contact Center and the Fujitsu Contact Line is to quickly connect the customer to the department best suited to answer his/her inquiry and monitor the status of inquiries to prevent delayed or unresolved responses. The organizations not only increase customer satisfaction through accelerated responses but also analyze what customers say, using that valuable input for product and system development and quality improvement.

Since 2014, we have also been operating a framework in coordination with group companies outside Japan to provide quick responses to cross-border inquiries.

Operating Framework

Trends in Inquiries

PC Support Center for Individual Customers

To handle the diversifying needs and environments of our individual customers, we have put in place the "personal products support desk" to provide consultation concerning Fujitsu personal computers. Through this support desk, we are building a system for handling a wide range of questions on matters regarding the use, troubleshooting, and servicing of Fujitsu personal computers.

Examples of Improvements Based on Customer Feedback

[Example 1]

A customer informed us that the top row keys were difficult to view on one of our computers. The customer also noted that some intensities of light are reflected by the key tops, thus making it impossible to read characters on the keys. Starting from our new model (ESPRIMO FH Series) released in January 2018, we revised the color and printing method for key top characters. This made it easy to read characters on the key tops even when using a desk lamp or other lighting.

[Example 2]

In regards to setting up a brand new computer, a customer suggested that we make it possible to restore the computer to factory default settings even if the OS (MS Windows) does not operate for some unexpected reason. From January 2017, we installed Fujitsu’s unique tool “Windows Recovery Environment” on some models. As a result, even if it is not possible to start the OS, a menu is displayed with options including restoring the computer to factory default settings.


Since FY2001, the Fujitsu Group has engaged in Qfinity, an activity that inspires improvement and innovation. Qfinity encourages team activities to create higher customer value by improving various work processes, making products, providing services, enhancing office management, and addressing all our other day-to-day operations. “Qfinity” comes from the words “Quality” and “Infinity,” expressing the pursuit of “Quality to Infinity.” The Qfinity concept reflects the Fujitsu Group’s DNA and embodies our inner brand.

The various improvement and innovation activities in the Fujitsu Group are practiced and shared under Qfinity, and are inherited as a part of the company's DNA.Qfinity encourages all employees to act according to the principles of the Fujitsu Way: Global Citizenship, a Customer-Centric Perspective, Firsthand Understanding, the Spirit of Challenge, Speed and Agility, and Teamwork. The Qfinity Program provides e-learning and workshops on Kaizen, reports on case studies, holds conventions for sharing experiences, and gives out awards to recognize excellent projects.

  • Education Programs

In addition to the basic and technical education on improvements and innovations through e-Learning and group classes, we are enhancing our practical skills through organization-oriented individual instructions and workshops. We provide employees with handbooks and educational materials containing topics including how to advance Qfinity and how to resolve problems.

From FY2016, we have conducted a basic education program in Asia to help Qfinity take root overseas.

  • Information Communication and Sharing of Good Activities

We centrally manage examples of activities using the Qfinity System and share these activities across the company. We also utilize e-mail newsletters and our website to introduce good activities and communicate information on a regular basis.

  • Awards and Events

Outstanding activities across the Group are given awards for excellence on the anniversary of the company's foundation. The award-winning activities are also announced and shared at the Qfinity Company-wide Convention where Group employees come together.

Since FY2015, overseas Group companies have been eligible for Qfinity Awards and making presentations at Qfinity Company-wide Convention.

Through such Qfinity activities, we are receiving greater participation from Group companies in Japan (from 55 companies in FY2015 to 63 companies in FY2016 and 72 companies in FY2017) and an increasing number of award entries from abroad (from 13 companies in FY2015 to 17 companies in FY2016 and 24 companies in FY2017). The Qfinity initiative will continue to encourage every employee to pursue quality in work, enhance the power of the Fujitsu Group, and pass down the company's DNA.

Picture: Qfinity Company-wide Convention and The Qfinity handbook

Placing Importance on Connecting with Our Customers

The User Association 'Fujitsu Family Association'

The Fujitsu Family Association works to help resolve issues at member companies by making it easier to share ICT-related perspectives and value systems. The Family Association operates as an independent, member-driven organization, with Fujitsu providing operational assistance for various activities. As Japan’s largest ICT user coalition, boasting a membership of approximately 4,000 companies and organizations, the Family Association makes significant contributions in helping member firms and Fujitsu exchange valuable information, interact, and forge lasting relationships.

The Family Association’s branch office activities, which represent the organization’s primary initiatives, include more than 500 ICT seminars, human resource development, community-rooted exchange projects, and other events per year. Another key component of the Family Association is the Society of Leading-edge Systems, a special committee that concentrates on propelling the activities of research sub-committees. The Committee facilitates friendly, mutually beneficial competition between member companies and Fujitsu, fosters cross-industry collaborative research on the future of planning and information systems divisions, and shares the outcomes of those research initiatives to help all the member companies make forward progress.

In FY2017, the Committee conducted high-level studies into the latest ICT via united efforts that included 227 research sub-committee members from 100 companies and technical advisors from Fujitsu (SEs and business unit personnel). Through the organization’s various activities, the fruits of these projects have a far-reaching impact on the management and business operations of member companies and Fujitsu by shaping new product development, solution proposals, and more. User firms from across the market have high praise for the Committee and the branch office activities of the Family Association, which continues to attract more and more members.

Directions in Advertising

In all advertising and publicity activities in the Fujitsu Group, we strive to observe all laws and internal corporate regulations and to use only fair and appropriate expressions and graphic symbols. In FY2017, the Fujitsu Group did not violate the Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations. We are continuing to focus on branding in FY2018, aiming to build awareness of our efforts in digital transformation.

To evaluate our advertising policies and cost performance levels, we set objectives, repeat the PDCA cycle, and validate whether or not KPI have been achieved.

In addition, we use our company-wide Inquiry Response System to gather feedback from the general public on our advertising efforts. Using that important input, which we take very seriously, we address any emerging issues and work to enrich our communication initiatives.

Universal Design

The Fujitsu Group strives to create through “ICT Universal Design” a society where people can live safely, securely, comfortably, and prosperously.

Fujitsu's Vision of Universal Design

Fujitsu's Vision of Universal Design

Fujitsu is committed to understanding human diversity, responding to changing environments, and leveraging its ICT technologies to spark innovation that can drive solutions to social issues and open the doors to a new future. We want to use our ICT prowess to build a society where everyone, regardless of nationality, age, gender, or disability, can flourish through their own unique traits and skills. To spread our universal design vision across a broader scope, we have created a dedicated organization that serves to create universal design guidelines for systems development and promote compliance.

Examples of Universal Design Activities in FY2017

IAUD Award 2017

The International Association for Universal Design (IAUD), aiming to lay the “foundations of a society in which more people will feel comfortable to live,” presents the IAUD Award to recognize groups and individuals who have conducted or proposed particularly noteworthy activities. The IAUD Award 2017 recognized the five Fujitsu initiatives below, including bestowing Gold Awards.

FACT-V won the Gold Award in recognition for deep understanding toward the needs of users including the elderly and people with disabilities. This was made possible by applying the concept of universal design as the result of 18 years of research and development continuing from 1999. Also winning the Gold Award was the Learning Together Project, a joint development program which enables children to study together in classrooms regardless of any disabilities possessed by children. The Learning Together Project was recognized for “reconfirming that studying together is the key for design to support diversity.”

  • Gold Award: FACT-V ATM Series
  • Gold Award: Learning Together Project
  • Silver Award: KID'S KEITAI F-03J
  • Silver Award: School Tablet
  • IAUD Award: FUJITSU Educational solutions K-12 Individual learning support Penmaru

Gold Prize: FACT-V ATM SeriesGold Prize: FACT-V ATM Series

Gold Prize: Learning Together ProjectGold Prize: Learning Together Project

2017 Good Design Award, Kids Design Award, Red Dot Award

  • Mobile Phone: KID'S KEITAI F-03J

Our KID'S KEITAI F-03J won a total of four awards; in addition to the aforementioned IAUD Silver Award, it also won the Good Design Award and Kids Design Award in Japan, as well as the Red Dot Award on Germany.

This mobile phone has various functions for protecting children. For example, the “Mimamori Alert” to notify parents when children have become separated from their parents and the “Okaeri Message” to inform parents when children have come home. The phone is designed to be held easily by children and a scratch-resistant body for long use. Furthermore, it is waterproof, dustproof, and has an antibacterial coating. KID'S KEITAI F-03J received these awards in recognition of responding to needs surrounding children and their parents.


Antibacterial performance for safety and peace of mindAntibacterial performance for safety and peace of mind

Award Details: a new window

Events and Activities for Diversity

Fujitsu actively engages in efforts to build a harmonious society through a variety of open events and support activities.In FY2017, we participated in WRD. IDNTTY. (Wired Identity), a conference held in October 2017 on the theme of diversity.

Among numerous prominent speakers including musicians, philosophers, and photographers, Fujitsu participated in the conference as a major corportion which possesses resources which have a major impact on society. Moreover, Fujitsu and Wired Japan held a three-day intensive study session at “The ABC of Diversity: Fundamental Lectures on Diversity presented by Fujitsu + Wired,” a three-day program which examines diversity. At the program, we invited Associate Professor Ryoji Hoshika and Specially-Appointed Assistant Professor Yuriko Iino from the Center for Barrier-Free Eduation at the Graduate School of Education, The University of Tokyo to server as moderators. While including guest instructors, participants studied the fundamentals of diversity through the three themes of “structures,” “markets,” and “organizations,” and exchanged opinions.


Fundamental Lectures on Diversity PHOTOGRAPH BY KAORI NISHIDAFundamental Lectures on Diversity

Event Details: Fujitsu Journal: a new window

Education for “Barrier-Free Minds” and Activities of Employees with Disabilities

Instructors are employees with disabilityInstructors are employees with disability

In addition to incorporating universal design and diversity insights into our internal work styles and product/service development, we are also working to spread our expertise outside the company organization.

The All Japan Business Committee is one of the many organizations aiming to create connections across the business world in the run-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. As part of its efforts to “create a society where everyone can live in comfort,” the Committee conducts internal education. During the education, employees with disabilities discuss their experiences at the company, thus providing participants with new recognition. Education programs developed at Fujitsu are being expanded to other companies through the All Japan Business Committee and Fujitsu supports the spread of our programs at other companies.

Fujitsu Universal Design: a new window