Toyota Motor Corporation (Technical Service Division)

Envisioning the Future of Car Servicing Kaizen meets Design Thinking (Innovation)

Toyota Motor Corporation's Technical Service Division, which supports around 40,000 service technicians nationwide, opened its Tajimi Service Center to enhance the training of service technicians and to expedite R&D on vehicle repair technologies. The Center has introduced Fujitsu's Design Thinking concept to create a vision map of the 'preferred future' for service technicians. It also set up the Technical Service Development Laboratory (TSDL) as a venue to trigger innovation aimed at realizing this future. These activities have led to changing ways of working and have fostered a climate for actively encouraging new ideas. Using a combination of kaizen (incremental improvement) and innovation brought about by Design Thinking, the Technical Service Division aims to create new ideas and unlock the future for automobiles and services.

We attach equal weight to Kaizen and innovation brought about by Design Thinking. They help improve the motivation of each and every division member. I hope we can use the TSDL to realize ideas obtained through Design Thinking and create a solid future for our service technicians.

Jingo Ohashi,
General Manager (formerly), Technical Service
Division, Customer First Promotion Group, TMC

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Company NameTechnical Service Division (Tajimi Service Center), Toyota Motor Corporation
Address1-1-1 Yamabuki-cho, Tajimi City, Gifu
OpenedJanuary 2016
EmployeesApprox. 800
Company NameInformation for Customers (headquarters) Toyota Motor Corporation WebSite
Address1 Toyota-cho, Toyota City, Aichi
Employees364,445 (consolidated; as of March 31, 2017)
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