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Warranty Plus Exchange Program


If you have a problem with your qualified Fujitsu scanner during the Warranty Plus period, call Fujitsu Canada's toll free number: 855-305-1515 (Bilingual Tech Support) or complete our email.

If the problem is a hardware failure, you may provide a valid VISA or MasterCard card number capable of authorizing a security deposit only equal to the Manufacturer's suggested list price and an advance replacement scanner will be shipped to you. If you prefer not to, or cannot provide a credit card capable of authorizing the required security deposit, you can pre-ship your defective scanner or opt to send in your scanner for repair to the Fujitsu Canada depot. Fujitsu Canada will provide complete transaction instructions depending on the option selected.

If the Advance Exchange option is chosen, you must RETURN THE DEFECTIVE SCANNER WITHIN 10 BUSINESS DAYS of receiving your replacement unit if advance exchange option chosen. If you do not return the defective scanner, you will be charged for it using the credit card number supplied.

What The Warranty Plus Exchange Program Does Not Cover

  • Consumables, which include: ADF Separator Pads and Feed Roller Assembly.
  • Accessories (as per the enclosed instruction sheet) or any other items not removed from the defective scanner or any cost incurred to return them to the purchaser, or to replace or repair any item which may be damaged as a result of shipping.
  • Products not supplied by Fujitsu Canada, Inc., or products purchased for use outside of Canada.
  • Failures or defects due to misuse, neglect, abuse, accidents, alterations, improper or unauthorized installation, unauthorized removal or repairs, failure to follow instructions, fire, floods, acts of God, or spills of food or liquids.
  • Any issue which violates the terms and conditions as specified by the applicable Fujitsu Canada, Inc. Scanner Limited Warranty.
  • An advance replacement scanner, if at the time of request the purchaser fails to provide a valid VISA or MasterCard card number.

Terms and Conditions

The Warranty Plus Program is non-transferable and is provided to the original consumer and covers qualified Fujitsu scanners sold by or through Fujitsu Canada, Inc.

During the warranty period if the scanner is found to be defective in materials or workmanship during normal use, and the problem cannot be resolved by contacting Fujitsu Canada's support, at Fujitsu Canada's discretion, Fujitsu Canada will arrange for a replacement scanner of the same model.

If a defect occurs in an accessory or consumable, Fujitsu Canada reserves the right to replace only the defective item(s).

For the Advance Exchange option, there will be no charge to the purchaser provided the defective scanner is properly packed in the supplied packaging and returned within 10 business days of receiving the replacement scanner to the specified address as shown on the prepaid shipping label.

The purchaser may be required to provide date and proof of purchase prior to the replacement unit being sent out.

Fujitsu Canada, Inc. reserves the right to make the final decision on any issue which may be questionable under the Warranty Plus Program.

Program terms and conditions subject to change without notice. All trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.

For information on the Warranty Plus Program: 

1-855-305-1515 (Bilingual Tech Support) or email

or write: 
Fujitsu Canada, Inc. 
155 University Avenue, Suite 1600, Toronto, ON M5H 3B7 
Attn: Warranty Plus Program