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Repair Call Procedure

In the event that you require service on your Fujitsu scanner, please follow the procedure outlined below.

On-Site Repair Call Procedure:

To serve you better, Fujitsu offers a bilingual call dispatch centre that is available Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm local time.

  1. Please have the serial number and model name of your scanner ready before you call. (ex. S/N 12345, fi-6800) For scanners not currently under contract with Fujitsu, please have a valid credit card number ready.
  2. Call 1-855-305-1515
  3. Select 1 for English, select 2 for French
  4. English & French: select "3" for Onsite Service
  5. The Customer Service Representative will ask you for your scanner serial number and model name

For scanners under a valid service contract with Fujitsu, a trained technician will call you back within 2 business hours to schedule an appointment. If the technician determines which parts are required, they will be ordered and shipped by overnight courier. Once the parts have been received, an on-site visit will be arranged. If the technician cannot determine which parts are required, an on-site visit happens within the next 4 business hours.

Units not currently under a service agreement with Fujitsu Canada will receive a response on a best effort basis.

The times quoted above may increase if the scanner is more than 80 km from the nearest On-Site ServiceCity.