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Managed Workplace Services

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Balancing the needs of your organization, workforce and Customers

Every business in existence wants to achieve more and be the most authentic business that they can be. They each have a different story but not surprisingly they each share the same common goal as they attempt to navigate an increasingly complex journey towards a more Digital World. The workplace has and continues to evolve and the traditional ways of working really can’t provide the flexibility to accommodate a workforce and generation that demands more. So how can Companies balance the agility required from digital Services with the stability of critical systems whilst finding the right blend of cloud and in-house platforms?

Fujitsu delivers Managed Desktop Services with an innovative and modern feel -at the right pace for your business.

Fujitsu Managed Workplace Services provide a next generation desktop environment which is enhanced by centrally provisioned software services such as Microsoft365. Utilizing a comprehensive set of on premises Managed service capabilities, we balance the need for fast and agile digital services with the inherent stability that’s required by in-house business critical applications and Services. With Fujitsu Workplace Services, you will experience:

  • Access to SaaS based applications and storage
  • Secure cloud-based identity management
  • Self-service on-demand provisioning and application delivery from your enterprise App store
  • Tailored configurations for different applications and user groups across a wide range of locations
  • Centrally governed change management
  • Device management provided through on premise management tools
  • End User baselining tooling offering critical insight into the end user experience
  • Context driven analytics services

With extensive experience in software distribution and configuration Management, we ensure the quality of your updates prior to implementation to minimize any risk to mission critical services. Our centrally managed, redundant and highly available Managed Workplace Services provide a comprehensive configuration, change, life cycle and vulnerability management service that ensures your Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 environments always remain up to date and secure. Whichever version of Windows you use, we can customize it to suit your environment. And we test each update before we deploy it to minimize risk.

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows Image Lifecycle Management

Whichever versions of Windows you use, we will provide evergreen services which are:

  • customized to fit your environment
  • tested against your applications to ensure interoperability & reduce risk of incompatibility
  • remediation tested at OS or App level


Configuration Management

  • services and features of the applications, operating and devices can be activated, blocked or hidden to keep service availability high
  • highly detailed default settings can be specified and controlled.

Security Management

Security Management

  • fine grain security controls – i.e ‘do permit these secure USB thumb drives, but block any other manufacturers’ devices’


Vulnerability Management

  • delivery and verification of security patches, ensuring that vulnerabilities are eradicated from your end-user services

Why choose Fujitsu for your Managed Workplace Services?

At Fujitsu, we pride ourselves in being a responsible business that innovates from the front. We are able to offer all Services as an end-to-end managed service provider and have proven experience of meeting customers’ business requirements at scale in a cost-efficient manner. Through our service offering, we enable your organization to keep pace with technological change whilst addressing shifting workplace and generational requirements.

We are well adepts at providing your employees with fully managed corporately owned desktops, laptops and tablets that allow them to connect, collaborate, and innovate using the latest features and SaaS technologies. By applying critical insight gained through End User baseline services and Analytics, we enable you to better manage your user expectations and experience. With our help, you can proactively detect any drop in performance, work out the changes that preceded it, and decide where to invest next to increase productivity.

Our Managed Workplace Services are permanently in sync and in policy in order to provide a controlled, predictable and consistent end user experience that minimizes incidents. You achieve high levels of service and availability, and ensure your IT stays evergreen.

Let’s get started. Want to learn more about what you could achieve with Managed Workplace Services, contact us today.

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