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Data Center Hosting Services

Data Center Hosting Services

Fujitsu has more than 30 years of history, a proven track record in hosting and end-to-end services that drive down costs from year-to-year. Fujitsu Data Center Hosting Services drive higher efficiencies, improving IT service levels and cost alignment with your business.

Challenges in Managing Your Own Data Center

Fujitsu Data Center Hosting addresses technical challenges you face in managing your own data center: data center space, power and cooling capacity limitations, costly expansion requirements, technological obsolescence, technological complexity, availability of IT expertise, and regulatory compliance.

Fujitsu Addresses Your Data Center Hosting Needs

As a major component of our Infrastructure Services offering, we offer a variety of Data Center services that can be customized to suit the individual needs of your enterprise

  • Data Center Colocation Services provide premium-quality secure and private Fujitsu data center space for servers and storage systems that you manage. However, unlike other colocation providers, Fujitsu data center architects will also consolidate and optimize your current IT systems to reduce your IT data center space and lower costs.
  • Workload Hosting for Applications, Databases, and Websites are available on highly reliable Fujitsu servers, storage systems, and best-of-breed software and management services. You can host your business applications, from complex ERP to simpler email applications.
  • ERP Hosting Assessment Service provides for the analysis of your current requirements and approach to managing ERP applications, then projects the potential business benefits that could be gained by moving to a hosted approach.
  • Data Center Hosting for your mission-critical systems provides these tangible benefits:
    • Greater physical and logical security
    • Higher resilience to failures for electrical power, air conditioning systems and networks
    • PCI compliance
    • 24x7 on-site management