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SAP System Inspection Service

SAP® System Inspection tool provides a non-disruptive concise workload report on the performance, utilization, and quality of your entire SAP server landscape. This is the critical information you need to accurately plan and adopt an SAP environment that can deliver on its full potential.


Valuable insight into your SAP server landscape provided by Fujitsu SAP System Inspection includes:

  • System utilization in SAPs
  • Utilization profile (user, RFC, and batch)
  • Interconnection of SAP systems and applications
  • Actual server capacity used
  • Determining required or excess capacities


  • Assesses your existing SAP system landscape during production providing information about “used” and available” system performance
  • Provides an overview and inventory of your entire SAP server landscape
  • Helps with developing cost efficient configurations based on precise SAP landscape performance requirements
  • Provides intelligence on existing and future bottlenecks
Find out more about the SAP System Inspection Service:

SAP System Inspection Service Fact Sheet (1.20 MB )