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FNC Industries - Wireless Service Providers

Wireless Service Providers

Wireless Service Providers

Wireless communications are advancing at a breakneck pace, to keep up with consumers hungry for “anywhere data services.” Throughput, capacity, latency, and overall cost per bit will see unprecedented levels of improvement as the new generation of wireless network technology is implemented. Smoother, faster operation and value-added applications will continue to push the adoption of mobile data services past even the most optimistic forecasts.

Rapid consumer uptake and demand for more and more advanced applications are creating difficult challenges:

  • Deploying the latest technology quickly and economically
  • Building a backhaul network to handle increased traffic
  • Realizing the advantages of the new packet-based network architecture

We supply the technology platforms and professional services that can support truly carefree connectivity. A comprehensive set of Fujitsu networking solutions are available to support backhaul requirements for the next generation of wireless technologies and applications.