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As bandwidth and scalability demands grow, schools, colleges and universities seek reliable, adaptable networks that deliver the bandwidth they need at a low total cost of ownership. Fujitsu solutions encompass durable hardware platforms, dependable expert services and next-generation technology, supporting the diverse education community in teaching our young innovators.

Solutions for Colleges and Universities
The telecommunication requirements for higher education institutions are as diverse as the degree programs they offer. From the transport requirements of VoIP to high-bandwidth, multi-connectivity wireless communication, campus communication needs are uniquely challenging. Fujitsu has wireline Ethernet transport options to address these challenges now and for the future. We support higher education associations whose purpose is to promote the adoption and use next-generation information system technology.

Solutions for K-12 School Districts
Both large and small school districts currently face with connectivity needs that include a combination of voice, video and data. Connecting schools over a wide rural are or within a dense metropolitan area can be a very difficult problem to solve. More and more districts are opting to build their own fiber and wireless infrastructure to secure their bandwidth requirements while lowering the total cost of ownership. Fujitsu wireless and wireline solutions have the proven track record that provides reliable, secure transport of voice, video and data traffic. Both major and smaller telecommunication carriers have relied on Fujitsu because of our dedication to quality and reliability, and our 20-plus years in the industry.


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