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The PSP Model in the RF CMOS Design Kit
While the Penn State Philips (PSP) transistor model is rightly hailed as an excellent alternative to traditional BSIM models for RFIC design, RF designers need to be aware of how PSP models relate to actual device behavior. PSP models do require some judgment on the part of model developers. Equally important is an understanding of the way these models are used in an RF process design kit (PDK).
Motivation for RF Integration
While CMOS technology has made great strides in its ability to fabricate radio frequency (RF) circuitry, many RF chip designers have yet to take advantage of this capability. After long relying on more expensive technologies such as silicon germanium (SiGe) and gallium arsenide (GaAs), RF designers who transition to the latest RF CMOS processes gain the enormous advantages of full system-on-a-chip (SoC) integration.
High-Performance / Low-Power 65nm CMOS Technology CS200 / CS200A
This paper describes Fujitsu's CS200/CS200A series 65nm CMOS technology with a focus on the technology's improved performance and low power consumption. These advantages result from the technology's ability to achieve more than twice the density of transistor packing compared to 90nm technology as well as Fujitsu's advanced copper and ultra-low-k material (ULK) technology. The ULK material serves as an inter-level dielectric that reduces parasitic interconnect capacitance compared to previous technologies and thus significantly improves speed and power characteristics. The paper also describes Fujitsu's wide range of packaging choices and rich IP portfolio for use with the CS200/CS200A technology.
Your Best Choice for a 300mm, 90nm Foundry is Fujitsu
This paper discusses Fujitsu's Integrated Device Manufacturing (IDM) service business model. IDM is designed to provide specific services – ranging from flexible design methodologies to a comprehensive set of IPs – as part of development alliances tailored to specific customer needs.

Fact sheets

The Fujitsu Analog and RF CMOS Technology (825 KB)
Building on Fujitsu’s expertise in leading-edge CMOS processes and analog design capabilities, the company’s RF CMOS technologies are optimized for wireless networks, cellular communication, WiMAX, digital multi-media broadcast, and navigational applications.