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Graphics Display Controllers

Socionext offers an extensive lineup of graphics display controllers suitable for a wide range of embedded applications.

Resources, Tools and Evaluation Boards
Please refer to Ordering Information on how to order a device or its evaluation board.

Additional GDC related resources and tools include:

  • 360° Wrap-Around Video Imaging Technology – A toolset available for GDCs
  • CGI Studio – Tools for creating 2D/3D graphical interfaces (HMI/GUI), including CGI Studio, SceneCreator and Previewer.
GDC Lineup (alphabetical)
  • MB86R24 'Triton' – Third-Generation 2.5D/3D graphics SoC
  • MB86R11 'Emerald-L' – Powerful 2D/3D graphics SoC featuring ARM Cortex A9 (400 MHz)
  • MB86R11 'Emerald-P' – Enhanced SoC (System-on-Chip) for Virtual Instrument Clusters, Re-configurable Dashboards and Car Navigation
  • MB86297A 'CARMINE' – Standalone GDC (266 MHz) with support for dual independent displays, 8 layers, and OpenGL ES 1.1.
  • MB86293 'CORAL Q' – Standalone GDC (166MHz) with a 64-bit memory bus and support for six independent layers.
  • MB86294 'CORAL B' – Adds video input (PAL or NTSC) to the features of “Coral Q” and is available in a BGA package.
  • MB86296 'CORAL PA' – Enhanced features include improved performance and support for dual display and digital RBG.
  • MB86290A 'CREMSON' – 2D/3D graphics controller optimized for applications in car navigation systems and mobile information
  • MB88F332 'INDIGO' – Sprite-based standalone GDC with an APIX interface.
  • MB86R01 'JADE' – 2D/3D graphics SoC featuring ARM926 core with dual-display support, video capture and DDR2 interfaces.
  • MB86R01 'JADE D' – “Jade” with APIX support and dithering unit added to the display controller.
  • MB87P2020 'JASMINE' – Flexible display controller with 8MB SDRAM and support for 6 layers and digital RBG.
  • MB86276 'LIME' – GDC optimized for 2D rendering
  • MB86277 'MINT' – Basic and low power GDC with 3D support
  • MB86291 'SCARLET' – Enhanced version of "Cremson" with 16MB SDRAM, video input functions and a geometry processor.