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Graphic Display Controller (GDC)


Device Ordering Information

Device Nick Name Ordering Part-Number Package Type Remarks
Cremson MB86290APFVS-G-BNDE1
Scarlet MB86291APFVS-G-BND-DLE1
Orchid MB86292SPFFS-G-BNDE1
Coral Q MB86293PFFS-GS-BNDE1
Coral B MB86294SPB-GS-JXE1
Coral P MB86295SPB-GS-E1
Coral PA MB86296SPB-GS-JXE1
Carmine MB86297APBH-GSE1
Lime MB86276PB-GS-ZE1
Jasmine MB87P2020APMC3 *1
Mint MB86277PMC-G-BNDE1
Jade MB86R01PB-GSE1
Jade-D MB86R01PB-GSE1
Indigo MB88F332CAPMC-GSE2
LQFP-208P-M06 With APIX
Indigo MB88F332CBPMC-GSE2
LQFP-208P-M06 Without APIX
Ruby MB86298PBH-GE1
Emerald L MB86R11PB-GSE1
Emeral-P MB86R12PB-GSE1
 *1 Non-Lead free package

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Board Ordering Information

Support Device Ordering Part-Number(s) Description
Evaluation Boards
Coral-P MB86295EB01 PCI Board for PCs
Coral-PA MB86296EB01 PCI Board for PCs
Coral-PA MB86296-ADA01 Dual Display adapter board for Coral-PA
Carmine MB86297EB01 PCI Board for PCs
Mint EVB-Mint Mint Adapter Board
Jade MB86R01-CORE Jade Standalone core board
Jade MB86R01-OPT Jade Standalone optional board
Ruby MB86298EB01 Ruby PCI Board
Ruby MB86298EB01-VIDEO01 Analog RGB Input Peripheral Board for use with MB86298EB01
Ruby MB86298EB01-APIX01 APIX extension board for use with MB86298EB01
Starter Kits
Lime CREMSON-STARTERKIT-CPU369 CPU Module using MB91F369 + Debugging RAM
Lime STARTERKITMB91302 CPU Module using MB91302 + Debugging RAM
Lime CREMSON-STARTERKIT-Lime Lime sub-board for Module Starterkit
Lime SK-91F467D-208PFV CPU module for the “Cremson Modular Starterkit”
Lime SK-86276-91476D Lime standalone starterkit with host MCU
Mint SK-MB86277-91467D Mint standalone starterkit with host MCU
Indigo SK-88F332 Main for peripherals for use with EVB-INDIGO
Indigo EVB-INDIGO Daughter board having the Indigo device
Indigo GLYN_TFT_5.7 320x240, 5.7” TFT LCD Panel for use with SK-88F332
Jade SK-86R01 Jade standalone starterkit (4 modules) mainly for use with Linux and QNX Toolchain
Jade SK-86R0X-GHS-TRACE-ADA Adapter board for SK-86R01 for tracing with GHS Toolchain
Jade-D SK-86R02-01 Fully featured Jade-D starterkit consisting of three boards
Jade-D EVB-JADE-D Upgrade board for using with SK-86R01
Emerald L SK-86R11-01 Emerald Base board plus CPU Module
Emerald L SK-86R11-MOST-ADA* Most Adapter
Emerald L SK-86R11-MOST-SMSC* SMSC MOST Add-On Board for MB86R11 'Emerald-L' Starterkit:
Emerald L SK-86R03-VIDEO Video Add-On Board for Jade-L/Emerald-L
 *Order the SK-86R11-MOST-ADA and SK-86R11-MOST-SMSC products together.

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Jade-based Previewer Systems

Device Nick Name Ordering Part-Number(s) Description
Jade PV-L001 Previewer Unit
Jade PV-DL001 Dual LCD Adapter
Jade PV-GDC001 GDC Digital LCD Board
Jade PV-JH001 Jumper Harness
Jade PV-JH002 Jumper Harness set of 6

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