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Ambiq Micro - Ultra-low Power Real-time Clocks (RTCs)

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Every microjoule is important in wearable and IoT applications. The Ambiq Micro Real-time Clock (RTC) serves as a very low-power “keep alive” source for systems, achieving significant energy savings when compared to using the main microcontroller for power management.

The Ambiq Micro RTC acts as a system-level power manager, sleeping battery-hungry components like sensors and wireless transceivers while monitoring for user-configurable power-up events – all while consuming only nanoamps of power!

Key Benefits of the Ambiq Micro Ultra-low Power RTC

  • Based on Ambiq Micro’s patented Subthreshold Power Optimized Technology (SPOT™)
  • Unprecedented low power at 15nA with RC
  • Extensive baseline and advanced timing features
  • Enhanced I/O features
  • Power management functions in AM18XX
  • 7x lower power than competing solutions
  • In full production

Ambiq Micro Ultra-low Power Real-time Clock (RTC) Lineup

AM08xx Ultra-low Power RTC

AM08xx Ultra-low Power RTC

The Ambiq Mirco AM08xx RTC provides a ground-breaking combination of ultra-low power and highly sophisticated features.

The RTC offers power requirements significantly lower than competing solutions, with energy usage as low as 14nA in RC mode, 22nA in autocalibration mode, and 55nA in XT mode.

AM18xx RTC + Advanced Power Management

AM18xx RTC + Advanced Power Management

The AM18xx RTC + Advanced Power Management device is a complete system-level power manager usable as a companion part to other components such as microcontrollers, radios, and sensors. The AM18xx RTC combines standard time tracking with the advanced power management functionality required to optimize the battery-life of highly energy-constrained applications.

Advanced power management features of the AM18xx RTC include an integrated power switch and a sophisticated system sleep manager with counter, timer, alarm, and interrupt capabilities.

Ambiq Micro RTC Features Overview



  • Wearable devices
  • Smart cards
  • IoT / Always-on-sensors

How to Buy

For orders or questions, please send an inquiry email or call us at 1-(800)-866-8608.