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Touch Panels

4-, 5-, and 7-wire, Single and Dual-Touch Resistive touch panels; Projected Capacitive touch panels; controller boards and microcontrollers.

Fujitsu  - Touch Panel Solutions -  Society for Information Display 2019

Product Highlights

FID-1300 and FID-1520 touch panels

New light input, flush surface resistive touch panels

These panels combine resistive technology’s benefits with PCAP’s user experience at a lower price point.

Datasheet | Press Release


Fujitsu FID11x series custom resistive touch panels with dome switches

Resistive touch panels with dome switches

The FID-1320 series touch panels are up to 22-inches with 80% transparency and an operating life of 1 million taps.

Datasheet - Custom |  Press Release

Case Study

ScopeCoder DL350Yokogawa’s Award-Winning ScopeCoder DL350 adopted Fujitsu Touch Panel for superior noise free performance
The Fujitsu touch panel was one key component that perfectly matched Yokogawa's design requirements.

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