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Media Dispenser

F510 Multi Cassette Media Dispenser

Best-in-Class Multi Cassette Media/Currency Dispenser

F400 Cassette


Best-in-Class Multi Cassette Media/Currency Dispenser

  • Front, Rear, or Dual Service
  • Pool / Bulk Presenter
  • Configurable 1-6 cassettes (can be configured as a 6 high UL291, 24 hour safe and still fit under a 38.5" standard bacnk counter!)
  • High Capacity (up to 18,000 new quality notes)
  • On board and remote diagnostic tools for quickly diagnosing and resolving issues
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership
  • Global Applications
  • Target applications include high end ATMs, bill breakers, bill payments kiosk, teller assist units, gaming / casino, media dispenser, etc.

Now There’s Fujitsu. With over 30 years of experience in designing and building media dispensing devices of legendary quality, Fujitsu has expanded the family of products available to its OEM sales channel to meet the needs of a greater number of applications. The Fujitsu Model F510 is one of the most advanced media dispensers on the market today, with the speed, capacity, reliability, and advanced diagnostics for your most demanding environments.

The Best of Everything. At seven notes per second, the F510 is one of the fastest cash dispensers in the industry. The unit is expandable up to six cassettes that can hold up to 3,000 notes each. With a total capacity of 18,000 notes, it is perfect for high-activity installations. The multimedia-capable F510 can dispense postage stamps, coupons, pre-paid phone cards or other specialized media, making it one of the most flexible dispensers in the industry.

Despite its advanced features, the F510 has been designed to drive down your total cost of ownership. The unit features advanced onboard and remote diagnostics to help detect problems before they occur. And its integrated reject bin reduces maintenance needs. The F510 can be installed in both front and rear service configurations, enabling you to purchase the same model dispenser for multiple applications, which reduces support costs, lowers spare inventory, and minimizes maintenance logistics.

Fujitsu for You. The F510 is backed by the Fujitsu team of experienced, dedicated professionals who are committed to bringing you the devices you need to create solutions that will help your customers succeed. Tell us about your unique OEM requirements and make Fujitsu a part of your team.

Dimensions (WxDxH)
280x752x810mm F serv
280x757x810mm R srev
Capacities /
Accomm 370mm
New notes 3000 each
cass (approx.)
Weight (w/o media) 72kg Reject Bin In 1st cash cartridge
Service Access Front or Rear access Reject Bill Capacity Approx. 150 Bills
Number of cassettes Up to 6 Cassettes Bill low sensor Adj. sensor
50 ~ 300 notes
Default: 100 notes
Bill count speed 7 notes / second Interface RS232c
media range
Max. 82 x 172mm
Min. 60 x1 20mm
Thick 0.07 ~ 0.18mm
Up to 0.3mm other media
*Certification of other media is required
Electrical Power Requirements DC +24V (+10%, -10%)
Max 10A
Ave. 4A
Bill transaction 60 bills / transaction Temperature Operation 0 ~ 40 °C
Stop State -5 ~ 50 °C
Bill retrieval Yes / Bunch presenter Relative Humidity Operation 10 ~ 95%
Stop state 8 ~ 95%
Shutter Optional