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Media Recycler

GSR50 Multi-Cassette Currency Recycler and Bulk Note Acceptor

GSR50 Combines configuration flexibility in a small recycler with on-board intelligence

Datasheet (933 KB)

Enhanced Features

  • Reliable currency recycling at a lower price, broadening the array of potential applications while ensuring a more rapid ROI
  • Quickly and accurately verifies currency denominations, detects and separates counterfeit and unfit currency with the best in-class bill validator.
  • Several configuration options from bill acceptance unit only to 6 denomination bill recycling with loading cassette and large capacity deposit cassette
  • Accepts up to 50 notes in a bundle for deposit, dispense up to 20 notes on withdrawal
  • Supports major world currencies including mixed and used notes, paper and polymer notes
  • Fujitsu SDK in middleware makes integration of GSR50 with your software application easier and quicker


  • Lower cost of ownership by more efficiently managing currency requirements and cash-in-transit costs
  • Increased up time with the flexibility of adding a loading cassette for increased capacities, start of day replenishment or additional denominations
  • Supports provisional credit on questionable items by capturing the entire image of the note with the bill validator, providing greater flexibility to OEM providers.
  • Manages the quality of notes by accepting and separating unfit currency, while dispensing only fit currency to end customers.
  • OEMs can demonstrate ROI to customers with Asset Planning Tool™, which enables customers to enter their unique currency handling data and calculate replenishment benchmarks vs. usage.
Dimensions (WxDxH)              160mm x 600mm x 312/712mm        
Weight (without bills)
Approx. 25kg
Bill Transaction (deposit)
50 Bills
Bill Transaction (dispense)
20 Bills
Recycle Cassette Capacity

120 Bills (Approx.)* x 3 Recycle Cassettes
(Two rollers per cassette, up to 6


Loading Cash Cassette Capacity 


500 Bills (Approx.)*

Cash Box Capacity (Option)

1,500 Bills (Approx.)*

Up to three cash boxes capable

Acceptable Media Range 
Maximum (mm) - 85mm x 182mm
Minimum (mm) - 62mm x 120mm
Acceptable Bunch Size (mm)
6mm for dispense; 10mm for deposit
Processing Speed

Deposit: Processes 3 Bills per second

Dispense Processes 3 Bills per second

Interface Specifications

USB 2.0; CEN / XFS; Fujitsu SDK in middleware 

to support rapid software application


Electrical Requirements
DC +24V +/- 10% MAX 12.7A
Temperature Operation
5°C to 45°C
Relative Humidity

Operation: 10% - 90% 

Stop State: 10% - 90%

RoHS compliant unit
             Minimum ConfigurationMaximum Configuration