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Fujitsu Canada at the 2011 Insurance and Investment Convention

Fujitsu Canada, Inc.

Montreal, QC, November 08, 2011

During the 2011 Insurance and Investment Convention, to take place on November 16 at the Montreal Convention Centre, our experts Pierre Hamel (Chief Technology Officer – CTO), Pierre Jutras (Insurance ) and Jean-François Kuersteiner (Cloud will be sharing their cloud computing knowledge and techniques in the field of insurance.

Cloud computing might allow public companies welcoming new technology, to save time and productivity and reduce technology costs, and also represent the end of administrative concerns that hinder sales. During a presentation entitled Cloud computing: conduct your business from anywhere!, Fujitsu Canada experts will present a safe real-time sharing solution for data, files, references and messages, and all of this while saving money. They will also exhibit the possibilities of cloud computing by illustrating specific examples of application in the insurance industry. In short, they will demonstrate how the Fujitsu Canada cloud offering allows to focus on one’s company and thus achieve better business results!

Fujitsu Canada will also be an exhibitor (booth no 44) to present the full range of imaging and mobility, such the ultra-compact scanners and the new tablet Q550 which greatly contribute to optimizing business operations.

Goal of event

Technology, social networking and electronic commerce all offer a wide range of new opportunities. The 2011 Insurance and Investment Convention assists companies in learning how to use today's technologies while preparing them for those of tomorrow.

For more information...

Contact our Insurance expert Pierre Jutras or communicate via LinkedIn. For our Salesforce Solutions, contact Jean-Francois Kuersteiner.

See how Fujitsu Canada integrates key functions of insurance managing accounts and agencies, litigation as well as opportunities and claims.

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Company:Fujitsu Canada

Date: November 08, 2011
City: Montreal, QC
Company: Fujitsu Canada, Inc.