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Fujitsu and DTC Communications Introduce Metro Ethernet Services to Rural Tennessee

FLASHWAVE® 4000 Family of MSPPs Provide Increase in Metro Bandwidth and Position DTC for Future Services

Fujitsu Network Communications Inc.

Alexandria, TN, May 27, 2008

Fujitsu Network Communications, a leading supplier of innovative optical and wireless networking solutions, announced today that DTC Communications has completed a 300-mile metro network using Fujitsu FLASHWAVE® 4000 Multi-Service Provisioning Platforms (MSPPs). DTC was already offering both phone and Internet service to customers in five counties of middle Tennessee, but with the new Fujitsu equipment and the increased bandwidth that comes with it, DTC was able to replace their existing SONET equipment with a more manageable system that will allow for future services.

“To be successful in this new communications environment requires scalable amounts of bandwidth and a carrier-class, reliable network that can provide customers with a high-quality voice, video, and data experience,” said Jerry Strait, Network/TCC supervisor at DTC Communications. “The Fujitsu FLASHWAVE products allow us to create a network that fulfills these requirements with OC-192 line rates and advanced Ethernet transport features. Our new network also has enough scalability to allow us to transport existing legacy TDM services, which drives network simplification and an overall reduction in our operating costs.”

DTC Communications purchased five FLASHWAVE 4500 nodes, twelve FLASHWAVE 4100 Large Shelf systems, and two FLASHWAVE 4100 Extension Shelves. The FLASHWAVE 4500 nodes are being used to form the core OC-192 ring, with the FLASHWAVE 4100 nodes used for the OC-48 and OC-12 collector rings that distribute services to their customers. DTC leveraged the advanced technology of all three Fujitsu products to ensure greater utilization of bandwidth for data applications, and allow Ethernet services to be provisioned with a guaranteed quality of service (QoS).

“One of the biggest reasons why DTC Communications selected the FLASHWAVE 4000 MSPPs was because of the scalability that the platforms bring to the company’s multi-layered network,” said Owen “Nick” Nichols, applications specialist at the Madison Group, which sold the FLASHWAVE products to DTC. “The platform allowed DTC to get the most out of its existing network without sacrificing service reliability or increasing capital expenditures for expensive overlay networks.”

A valued Fujitsu reseller, the Madison Group is a specialty communications contractor with extensive experience completing projects financed with government loans from the Rural Utilities Service (a part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture). The company offers turnkey network systems integration for central office projects (access, transport, and switching for voice, data, and video services), plus installation services.

“The Madison Group is very familiar with the unique requirements of our nation’s independent telecommunications companies,” said Jim Hintze, senior vice president of marketing at Fujitsu Network Communications. “They have worked with Fujitsu to leverage RUS funding and place FLASHWAVE products in rural communications networks throughout the U.S.”

The telephone cooperative purchased the NETSMART® 1500 Element Management System (EMS), which provides for the end-to-end management, provisioning, and surveillance of their Fujitsu optical networking platforms. DTC also purchased a critical, ongoing maintenance support package which includes access to 24/7 remote technical assistance and spares management from Fujitsu, plus equipment feature software updates and hands-on technical training.

About DTC Communications

DTC Communications began as DeKalb Telephone Cooperative, Inc. in February 1951. DTC Communications provides basic residential and business access, enhanced simple touch features, complex business systems, Centrex service, pagers, DSL and Internet service. For more information, please visit .

About Madison Group

Founded in 1991 as a prime contractor for central office upgrades and expansions in the independent telecommunications arena, Madison Group has serviced more than two hundred telecommunications, CLEC, and utility firms, with a current customer base of forty active accounts. Madison’s highly skilled staff includes applications specialists, who design networks for central office switching carrier and access, and installation specialists, who oversee the work at customer premises and handle in-house racking and cabinetization. For more information, please visit .

About Fujitsu Network Communications Inc.

Fujitsu Network Communications Inc. is an innovator and strategic partner with over 20 years of experience as a leading provider of wireline and wireless networking solutions that solve critical business issues and enable new services. With the support of Fujitsu Limited (TSE:6702), a $43.2B company with over 160,000 professionals in more than 100 countries, Fujitsu enables their customers to build or seamlessly migrate to fully converged networks that improve network performance and profitability. Fujitsu Limited consistently ranks within the top 15 organizations worldwide in terms of the number of patents granted per year and in 2006 alone, 1487 patents were issued to our company and our employees. Nearly 400,000 Fujitsu network elements have been deployed by all major carriers across North America. Fujitsu maintains a well-established and highly-regarded position as a market leader by providing the best-in-breed data networking solutions that drive next-generation access, core, and wireless networks. For more information, please visit

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Date: May 27, 2008
City: Alexandria, TN
Company: Fujitsu Network Communications Inc.