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Seattle School District and Fujitsu Creating Network that Offers Education at the Speed of Light

Highly Scalable and Easily-Managed Network to Enhance Educational Experience for Students in Largest School District in Washington State

Fujitsu Network Communications Inc.

Seattle, WA, March 14, 2007

 Fujitsu Network Communications, a leading supplier of IT and wireline/wireless networking solutions, announced today that they are creating a converged broadband network solution for the Seattle Public School System that will enhance educational opportunities for its students. This high-capacity network, which is comprised of multiservice Synchronous Optical Networking (SONET) and Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) products from Fujitsu, supports the district’s advanced application requirements while offering an ongoing cost reduction over leased network facilities. With elementary, middle, and high schools receiving broadband connections in excess of 100 Mbps, the district is delivering on their plan of providing the bandwidth necessary to support a state-of-the-art educational experience for their 47,000 students.

"One of the key responsibilities of our school district is to provide the tools that enhance educational opportunities for students at all levels of the educational system, while always being mindful of the costs to do so," said Dugal Easton, manager of network systems at the Seattle Public School System. "With our original SONET network that was based on the Fujitsu FLASHWAVE® 4000 products we were able to create a highly reliable network that gave students access to the vast resources of the Internet. In today’s environment where bandwidth demands are much higher, Fujitsu has helped us create a powerful private network that can support all of our voice and data requirements, while eliminating the significant costs we used to pay for leased T1 and T3 services."

In the first quarter of 2006, the Seattle Public School System deployed Fujitsu FLASHWAVE 7500 DWDM nodes in their backbone network to increase its capacity by a factor of 16. In the second quarter, FLASHWAVE 7500 nodes were deployed at all eight high schools and a major administrative site within the school district to allow Gigabit Ethernet connections to be established into the core network. In the third quarter, these nine DWDM nodes began aggregating traffic from multiple FLASHWAVE 4500 and FLASHWAVE 4100 Multiservice Provisioning Platforms (MSPPs), which were used to provide 300 Mbps Ethernet connections into each middle school. By using the latest technology from Fujitsu, the school district was able to increase bandwidth to each school over pre-existing leased T3 (45 Mbps) connections, plus realize significant cost savings.

By the end of 2006, the first OC-12 SONET ring was created via FLASHWAVE 4020 Ethernet Service Platforms (ESPs) deployed at nine elementary schools. These platforms now provide 100 Mbps Ethernet connections to each of these schools, and replace the legacy T1 (1.5 Mbps) connections that the district had been leasing. Over time, additional OC-12 rings and 100 Mbps Ethernet connections will be installed at the remaining 63 elementary schools to further reduce network operating costs for the school district.

"The scalable nature of ROADM technology as implemented in our FLASHWAVE 7500 platform is perfect for the demanding and often unpredictable nature of bandwidth requirements within the research and educational community," said Jim Hintze, senior vice president of marketing at Fujitsu Network Communications. "We are seeing a lot of interest in the FLASHWAVE 7500 ROADM for high-capacity networks in both the K-12 and higher education (college and university) markets. The deployment of our ROADM platform for the backbone of the new Seattle school district network is consistent with the long-term plans of the school district, which include the introduction of video streaming and distance learning into the classroom."

The school district has also purchased a Fujitsu NETSMART® 1500 Element Management System (EMS) to monitor and provision new circuits across their network. This advanced EMS allows them to perform surveillance and database management/backup for all Fujitsu network elements involved in their new and legacy school system networks.

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Date: March 14, 2007
City: Seattle, WA
Company: Fujitsu Network Communications Inc.,