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Placer County, CA

California's Placer County turns to Fujitsu for firewall consolidation, upgrades and ongoing support

Placer County Key Services

"The solution we bought from Fujitsu consolidates everything and they support it all. I don't need a separate agreement for the operating system. The recurring costs and training costs are therefore much less long-term."
-- Jeff Tudor Placer County Network Security Coordinator

Placer County is located 80 miles northeast of San Francisco, California. The county extends east along the north shore of Lake Tahoe to the Nevada state line. County government offices are based in the city of Auburn in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

With four separate firewalls on Windows NT and UNIX platforms, Placer County sought to integrate the firewalls on a single platform for easier management and scalability. Happy with their Check Point Software FireWall-1® solution, Placer County network staff looked to other platforms where the firewalls could be consolidated and for a consulting organization to advise them on the project and deploy the solution.

Placer County chose the Fujitsu to handle the project. Fujitsu has built an international network security practice around the Check Point firewall solution and is a service partner of Nokia. After building and testing the new Check Point solution at their network labs in Santa Clara, California, the Fujitsu team deployed it on a single Nokia UNIX-based server with an additional platform, also running on Nokia, for redundant backup. The annual Check Point licenses were reduced from four to two and the solution can now scale to provide firewalls to 128 separate systems. Also included is ongoing technical support, site support, and periodic software upgrade installations.


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  • United States
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  • Integrate all firewalls onto a single platform


  • Reduced costs
  • Easier management and scalability