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Staples Europe

GlobalSTORE is a good fit for Staples Europe

Customer’s Challenge

Staples, Inc. invented the office superstore concept in 1986 and today is the world’s largest office product company.

With 2005 sales of $16.1 billion, Staples serves consumers and businesses ranging from home-based businesses to Fortune 500 companies in 21 countries throughout North and South America, Europe and Asia. Stores are located on the outskirts of shopping centres and in busy high-street locations.

In 2005, Staples undertook a review of its legacy EPoS software, identifying that this no longer met the requirements of its business and would not support ambitious targets of 20% year-on-year growth. An independent consultancy was appointed to evaluate alternative solutions on the market.

The new system would need to be robust and flexible and provide Staples with the necessary functionality to manage its global stores estate. Specific requirements for the system were that it could handle multiple currencies and be adapted to take account of differing VAT levels and regulations, as well as the different payment methods available in each of the country markets in which the retailer operates. The system would also need to be flexible to enable configuration to the languages spoken in the retailer’s stores worldwide.

Fujitsu Solution

Staples selected GlobalSTORE, a complete retail software solution from Fujitsu Services. The solution was chosen based upon the significant operational performance enhancements it could offer the retailer, as well as the extra functionality it would provide. In addition, the system would provide a flexible platform to support the development of the Staples business.

Catherine Brewaeys, Vice President of Staples, Inc., comments: “When searching for a new EPoS system, we wanted a solution that would provide a flexible platform to support the development of the Staples business.

“The on-going support offered by Fujitsu was also an important factor in the decision”

Benefits to our Customer

A number of business benefits from the rollout of GlobalSTORE have already been realised by Staples:

  • Lower total cost of ownership – the retailer will operate one EPoS system across its European network, delivering lower total cost of ownership through economies of scale
  • Robust and stable platform – offers a future-proof foundation for future development
  • User-friendly POS – minimises staff training requirements and has led to a significant reduction in the number of support calls recorded
  • Flexible architecture – that has been tailored to meet the bespoke requirements of Staples and offers in-built flexibility allowing for adjustments to be made to the system by Staples to optimise revenue opportunities through in-store promotions and CRM
  • Speedier transaction processing – has increased the time available for store staff to interact with customers by 25%
  • Real time reporting – through the introduction of trickle-feed polling has enhanced visibility in the supply chain
  • Store support – provided at country level ensures a rapid response to issues encountered with the system.

Our Approach

Fujitsu worked closely with Staples to implement a state of the art PoS system in Germany and Portugal that could later be extended to the retailer’s European store network in the UK and the Netherlands.

The need to standardise the software across the European stores estate and introduce best practice needed to be balanced with the need for some country-specific marketing customisation, particularly with regard to EFT and language.

The speed of the rollout also needed to be managed in order to minimise disruption to the stores, whilst minimising the potential impact of a PoS failure on the business.

There were a number of phases involved in the rollout of the new EPoS system across Staples’ European stores estate. The team began by designing the new store system to fit the requirements of the Staples business. It was then developed and customised to reflect the bespoke requirements of each market.

Integration testing was undertaken to ensure compatibility the Central systems deployed in each country and a pilot phase was implemented to include training of store staff, site surveys, installation and support. Finally, a phased rollout was planned, beginning with the 56 Staples stores in Germany operating as Staples Büro-Megamärkte.

Rollout in Germany took place in just four months, with GlobalSTORE being installed on around 100 TeamPoS 2000, 60 TeamPoS 5000 and some IBM tills. The project then moved to Portugal, where GlobalSTORE was installed in 20 stores and on around 90 TeamPos 2000 tills.

The new EPoS system will be rolled out to new store openings in Portugal and Germany in line with the retailer’s organic and acquisitive growth. A business case for the rollout of GlobalSTORE to the UK and the Netherlands will now be developed.

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Offering Groups:

  • Retail Products

Solution Areas:

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  • Germany
  • Portugal


  • Support 20% annual growth
  • Manage global stores (multiple currencies, VAT and regulations)
  • Flexible to handle different payment methods and languages


  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Flexible architecture
  • Real-time reporting