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Fujitsu completes management review of policing agency’s IT organization

Policing agency to use management review to kick start improvements to service capacity

Client Profile

The client is a metropolitan policing agency dedicated to delivering police services in partnership with the community. The information technology (IT) services division of this agency is responsible for systems development, integration and ongoing maintenance of custom and off-the-shelf policing application systems. This division works closely with internal operations units as well as external police agencies and local and provincial government units to ensure that the needs of the agency are met.

The IT services division helps business units improve productivity by implementing and supporting the most effective technologies, and aligning these technologies with business processes. This division is also responsible for providing application integration, quality assurance, testing and ongoing support of delivered solutions.

Business Challenges

The information technology services division had identified a need to review two of its units to determine if they were well managed and were effectively, efficiently and economically meeting the needs of the agency. The objectives of the review were as follows:

  • Identify opportunities to better coordinate activities involving the units under review and other units within the division
  • Recommend improvements to the IT units’ physical environment
  • Perform a gap analysis based on industry best practices to identify shortcomings in the staff’s training and education
  • Provide both short- and long-term recommendations for improving services delivered by the units
  • Create a roadmap – again based on industry best practices – for enhancing the structure and management of these units

The assessment would have to include many facets of these IT units, including organization, expertise, processes, facilities, and customer satisfaction ratings.

Fujitsu Solution

By selecting a team with the right background and expertise, Fujitsu was able to complete a thorough management review of the two IT units within the short timeframe dictated by the client. Our success was due, in part, to the use of proven Macroscope® methodology and our substantial, worldwide experience with other police organizations.

Fujitsu combined interviews of staff and other stakeholders with a review of the units’ current operations. After assessing and validating the current state of these units, we made a series of recommendations based on the client’s vision for the future. Our recommendations were guided by organizational design principles, best practices as defined by ITIL® (ITIL® is a Registered Trade Mark of AXELOS Limited) and other industry standards, risk reduction, and benefits realization techniques.

We were able to identify and recommend a broad range of opportunities for the client to improve the levels of service delivered to stakeholders. We also suggested that the client should utilize a program management resource to provide the necessary change management, planning and delivery oversight during the improvement initiatives. Finally, we outlined a number of additional areas where overall service performance could be enhanced and accelerated.

ITIL® is a Registered Trade Mark of the Cabinet Office

Business Results

Fujitsu was able to frame an overall change program for the two IT units, which included quick wins alongside longer term projects. The resulting initiatives were designed to accommodate the agency’s rapidly growing workload by enhancing the service capacity and capability of these units while, at the same time, guaranteeing stakeholder satisfaction by minimizing risk and containing costs.

The units’ service performance would be enhanced through the following measures:

  • Clearly defining processes and assigning accountabilities
  • Implementing workload management
  • Applying strategic and operational governance
  • Integrating planning activities and using key performance indicators (KPIs)


  • Government

Offering Groups:

  • Consulting

Solution Areas:

  • Business Process Management


  • United States


  • Activity coordination
  • IT physical environment improvements
  • Services improvement
  • Structure
  • Management enhancements


  • Change management
  • Enhanced service capacity