"As our population ages and the birthrate falls, maintaining the public transport required to support our residents’ daily lives has become a major challenge for us. The island’s residents need the new approaches to transport and distribution made possible by advanced ICT."

Yukinori Takata, Mayor of Osakikamijima
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Osakikamijima, Hiroshima Prefecture

Pick- up and drop-off transport service for residents


Osakikamijima is located near the center of the Inland Sea of Japan and is the only remote island in Hiroshima prefecture.


Osakikamijima has a decreasing population and is facing the risk of losing its public transport network. A growing number of its residents have difficulty driving their own cars due to ageing. A new means of transport network and to support daily lives.


  • Pick- up and drop-off service, using self driving vehicles, combining on-demand traffic and self-driving technology, also enabling users to make reservations by phone or online
  • Delivery service using self-driving vehicles arranged by the providers of home delivery items, based on orders placed by residents


  • In light of the experience gained from the initial pilot activities, Fujitsu is now expanding the demonstration, introducing more applications and partners in order to realize a monthly as a service (Maas) solution that support people´s lives on remote islands
  • In addition to addressing the transport challenge, Fujitsu will continue its ongoing collaboration wiht the town to explore how ICT can help solve wider problems facing remote communities

Download Full Case Study PDF