It has been a tremendously powerful experience and made us all much more aware of how we work in relation to ICT. However, the journey has just begun, and we still have much more work to do.

Johneen Morris, Group Applications Manager SKYCITY
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SKYCITY commissioned an ICT Sustainability Benchmark from Fujitsu to evaluate its energy consumption and recommend ways to reduce it by 20 per cent.


SKYCITY Entertainment Group Limited (SKYCITY) is New Zealand’s largest tourism, leisure and entertainment company and is listed in both New Zealand and Australia. It is one of only three publicly listed casino operators in Australasia and operates integrated entertainment complexes in New Zealand (Auckland, Hamilton and Queenstown) and Australia (Adelaide and Darwin).


To meets its commitment to sustainability, SKYCITY wanted to become more energy efficient in its ICT estate. It asked Fujitsu to provide an ICT Sustainability Benchmark that would give an overview of its operations and how best to improve them.


Fujitsu conducted face-to-face interviews with key personnel, surveyed the ICT estate and installed power meters to accumulate the relevant data. It then provided SKYCITY with a comprehensive report detailing how it consumes energy with recommendations on how best to reduce this figure.


  • Dashboards clearly show how SKYCITY uses electricity in its ICT estate
  • SKYCITY now only purchases energy-star rated devices
  • All suppliers now vetted based on eWaste policy
  • Soon to arrive is a new eWaste bin, enabling employees to safely dispose of cords, mobile phones and tablets
  • On track to reduce energy consumption by 20 per cent

Download Full Case Study PDF

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