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FNC Company Information - Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

Fujitsu recognizes the importance of operating in harmony with the world. We are committed to using creativity and technology to help achieve business growth that respects the environment of our stakeholders, customers, employees and neighbors. The company enshrines environmental protection in “The Fujitsu Way,” the corporate value statement.

Long-Term Sustainability Measures
Fujitsu began its environmental protection program in 1972, by establishing environmental control units at every Fujitsu plant. Since then Fujitsu has consistently improved and increased its environmental initiatives, frequently exceeding government mandated standards. With a long history of environmental measures like establishing an ozone layer protection committee in 1987 and eliminating carbon tetrachloride and CFCs from cleaning processes in 1992, the global results speak for themselves:

  • Over 90% of Fujitsu end-of-life business-use products are recycled.
  • CO2 emissions from energy consumption are 29% lower than in 2000.
  • Fujitsu generates 41% less waste than it did in 2003.
  • By 2010, Fujitsu plans to reduce its overall level of carbon emissions to below the 1990 level.

Industry Commendation

Sustainability in Action
Fujitsu telecom products are being designed to reduce footprint, electricity consumption and heating and cooling requirements.

Fujitsu products are engineered to be green and RoHS5 compliant. The FLASHWAVE® 9500 Packet ONP satisfies RoHS5 iNEMI guidelines on reducing tin-lead and lead parts. To aid in future recycling, this product is not painted. In addition, other FLASHWAVE platforms are currently undergoing RoHS compliance testing. By the end of this year 100% of Fujitsu suppliers will be RoHS5-compliant.

Fujitsu environmental initiatives extend beyond actual products. Printed technical publications and marketing collateral have been discontinued for Fujitsu U.S. telecom products, saving 2.6 million pieces of paper per year. Information is instead provided online or can be ordered on CD or DVD.

Manufacturing and Operations are also the subject of environment-friendly efforts. The Fujitsu Kaizen program is a continuous improvement initiative that rewards employees for suggesting process improvements. This program places high emphasis on reducing consumption and waste as well as increasing efficiency. Many Kaizens are implemented on the production lines. Suggestions that reduce production time or use less material or energy also reduce the environmental burden of manufacturing.

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