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Supplier Diversity


Supplier Diversity

National Diversity Initiative Group

Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc. (FNC) is committed to providing procurement opportunities to minority, women, and service-disabled veteran-owned enterprises (M/W/DVBE). We encourage qualified M/W/DVBE companies to participate in our vendor diversity process that provides companies opportunities to compete for business.

FNC established the National Diversity Initiative (NDI) to proactively solicit participation from certified M/W/DVBE companies for all areas of procurement. The NDI office is charged with overseeing and administering diversified business initiatives. The NDI group includes two programs with internal and external focus and is dedicated to achieving FNC’s goals and helping customers exceed their diversity initiative objectives.

It is the policy of FNC to include M/W/DVBEs in the procurement process and to provide the maximum practicable opportunity for competition and award of purchases and contracts. In this effort, FNC is committed to enhance the competitive capabilities of FNC’s M/W/DVBE suppliers and contractors and to foster long-term, mutually beneficial business relationships.

Executive / Management Statements

At FNC, our focus on diversifying our supplier base goes all the way to the top. It's good for business. Diversity gives us a depth and breadth of resources we otherwise wouldn't enjoy, and it helps us better understand our customers, our potential employee pool, and the communities we serve. This web site is your invitation to contact us and let us know how your products, resources and/or abilities will benefit FNC. Our emphasis on inclusiveness means that you will receive not only our attention, but also our support. We welcome and participate in innovative business propositions, and will do all we can to support your business enterprise in working with FNC.
Paul Fagan, Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Services

FNC's NDI was created with our suppliers and customers in mind. We focus on ways to expand our outreach and attract the services of M/W/DVBE companies, like yours. For our customers, we track our utilization of M/W/DVBE businesses and provide reporting as part of our support for supplier diversity efforts. When a M/W/DVBE supplier contacts us, it's the first step in partnering. We then add our creativity to yours to launch a relationship that serves your business objectives and ours. We welcome your inquiry and thank you for your interest in FNC.
National Diversity Initiative (NDI)

Mission Statement

FNC's NDI mission is to serve as a portal between minority, women, and service disabled veteran business enterprises and FNC to:

  • Foster greater opportunities for inclusion that result in long-term business relationships and increased volume of participation.
  • Develop creative initiatives that serve to enhance our customers' commitment to supplier diversity.

Potential Suppliers Registration Information

The registration process starts with a completed NDI Vendor Information Summary form. Download the Vendor Information Summary form (166 KB/ (.xls format), save the file using your companies name and the current date as the file name. (For example: ABC Company 06142012.xls. Fill out the required information directly into the form. Attach your certifications to the form by following the instructions provided in the form. Email the completed form to (PLEASE COMPLETE ALL SECTIONS). If you have any issues with the form above, please contact for assistance.

Vendor Information Summary Form Definitions:

  • Web Address: This is the http://www… address that your company uses.
  • Email Address: Your M/W/DVBE contacts email address.
  • SIC/NAICS Code: The Standard Industrial Classification or the new North American Industry Classification System.
  • EDI Capable: Is an Electronic Data Interchange process in place?

Once we receive your completed form and copies of certifications, we will review your company's capabilities and add your information into our national database. This will enable FNC employees to search your company's profile on an assortment of variables and contact if there is an interest in your company. Although we are unable to accommodate every vendor, we carefully evaluate all potential vendors, no matter the product or service. Completion of this Vendor Information Summary is not a guarantee of future business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does FNC consider a certified minority, woman or disabled veteran business enterprise (M/W/DVBE)?
A. A business that is at least 51% owned and 100% controlled by one or more Individuals if either African American, Hispanic American, Native American,Asian Indian American, Asian Pacific American, Anglo Female or Disabled-Veteran.

Q. Does FNC require M/W/DVBE suppliers to be certified?
A. Yes, FNC National Diversity Initiative office recognizes M/W/DVBE suppliers that are certified through one of its approved 3rd party certification organizations. (See Certification Resources) link.

Q. How can I register my M/W/DVBE company with FNC?
A. By visiting our web site at , a supplier can complete the vendor information summary form. We will also need a copy of your company's M/W/DVBE certification which can be sent along with the form.

Q. What happens after a company has registered itself with FNC as an M/W/DVBE company?
A. Once we have received your company's VIS form and a copy of your M/W/DVBE certification, we will review your company's capabilities and add this information to our national database. This will enable FNC employees - nationwide - to source your company's profile on an assortment of variables and provide them with contact information. If there is an opportunity match, your company will be contacted by someone from FNC's National Diversity Initiative Group or from a FNC employee who has a need for the type of products or services your company provides.

Certification Resources

FNC recognizes a number of agencies for 3rd party M/W/DVBE certifications. FNC requires your company to be certified as 51% or more owned and controlled by a minority, woman, or disabled veteran through a recognized agency. We currently accept certifications from:

National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC)
Women's Business Enterprise - National Council
California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)
Office of Small Business Certification and Resources (OSBCR)
Association for Service Disabled Veterans (ASDV)

Details on certification requirements are available directly from these organizations. If your company is a minority, woman, or disabled veteran owned business and is not currently certified by one of the listed 3rd party certification agencies, please contact the agency of your choice to become certified. FNC references these organizations when looking for M/W/DVBE suppliers.

National Diversity Initiative: Contact

For more information regarding FNC's National Diversity Initiatives, please email us at Or leave us a message at (972) 479-2787. We'll return your email or call within 24 hours.

FNC National Diversity Initiative Mailing Address:
Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc.
National Diversity Office
2801 Telecom Parkway Mail Stop 2C
Richardson, TX 75082

Phone: (972) 479-2787
Fax: (972) 479-3377