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Computer Security

  • Cryptography & Privacy - Security and privacy of data are of paramount importance in today's world because of the proliferation of information and communication technology, cloud, and big data analytics. At Fujitsu, our goal is to perform cutting-edge research in securing data and preserving user privacy, while at the same time enabling innovative and meaningful data-intensive applications.
  • Blockchain Security Technology - Fujitsu Laboratories of America (FLA) develops blockchain-based security technologies to safely and securely handle confidential data between multiple organizations. We are currently carrying out trials of the applicability of blockchain to businesses in financial enterprise and a variety of other areas. 
  • Autonomous Software Security - The goal of Fujitsu’s Autonomous Software Security project is to develop a reasoning system that will, not only autonomously monitor and analyze software for security vulnerabilities, but patch them as well, thus mitigating zero-day attacks.