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Fujitsu Laboratories Advanced Technology Symposium 2018

"Make AI Trustworthy! Explainable and Ethical AI for Everyone".

FLATS 2018 Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.Open a new window hosted the Fujitsu Laboratories Advanced Technology Symposium (FLATS)Open a new window on October 9 in the San Francisco bay area. The symposium is an annual invitation-only event bringing together the best minds from industry, academia, and government to discuss future developments in technology and their impact. The theme of the event will be "Make AI Trustworthy! Explainable and Ethical AI for Everyone".

From financial services and clinical diagnosis systems to future fully autonomous vehicles, AI technologies are increasingly making far-reaching decisions on our behalf. The classic sense-decision-action loop is being replaced by AI technologies where there is exponential speedup of action. However, for society at large to have confidence in the accuracy and fairness of these systems, it is critical that they be transparent, free from bias and the causality between input and action be understood in easily explainable terms. This requires the development of new explainable AI models that maintain consistency, accuracy and operate under social rules surrounding ethics and morality. The symposium will examine these topics thru keynotes, panel sessions and a showcase featuring the latest research technologies from Fujitsu Laboratories worldwide.

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