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Scanner Central Admin


Scanner Central Admin is a server-client software that makes it easy to monitor and manage multiple scanners over a network from a single point, with functions that allow administrators to monitor scanner status, perform simultaneous driver/software updates, migrate settings, manage users and much more. This versatile software significantly reduces the cost and effort of installing and maintaining large numbers of fi Series scanners. It is ideal for organizations that utilise scanners on a large scale and require additional scanners as they expand their businesses to new locations.

SCA dashboard

Update from one console

sca-g01-20140623g Scanner Central Admin makes it incredibly easy to manage multiple scanners over a network by allowing administrators to install drivers and essential add-on software, perform updates, set user settings and more - all from one console.

View every scanner's status on one screen

sca-g02-20140623g Scanner Central Admin indicates the current status of every scanner (e.g., running/idle, consumable part replacement required, error detected) together on one screen for convenient and efficient management. From that screen administrators can also get scanner details like model number and system/firmware/driver version.

Migrate settings between scanners

sca-g03-20140623g Scanner Central Admin administrators can also share user-specific scan settings/data and customised scan jobs across multiple scanners. This feature is supported by the network scanner models fi-6010N and ScanSnap N1800, N7100 only.


Main functions of the Scanner Central Admin application include: installing and updating software and drivers, updating settings; monitoring the scanner network in real-time, managing scanners over the network; and migrating settings so that user-specific scan settings/data and customised scan jobs can be shared across multiple scanners

Scanner Update

Easily install/update drivers, essential software and settings for multiple scanners at a time with this function. This is especially useful when working with a large number of scanners, where updating each scanner one by one would be very time-consuming.


Scanner Monitoring

Conveniently check the current operating status of any scanner from one console. This function monitors the status of every scanner in the network in real time, alerting the administrator when there is an error or when a consumable part needs replacement.


Scanner Management

The Scanner Central Admin Console is the application through which the administrator manages scanners over a network. Scanners automatically register their information (e.g., model name, system/firmware/driver version) to the application when connected to the network, making it easy to manage even hundreds of scanners.


Migrate Settings

Scanner Central Admin allows administrators to share user-specific scan settings/data and customised scan jobs across multiple scanners. This feature is supported by network scanner models fi-6010N and ScanSnap N1800, N7100.



Supported scanner

fi-7700 / fi-7700S / fi-7600
fi-7480 / fi-7460
fi-7160 / fi-7260 / fi-7180 / fi-7280
fi-7140 / fi-7240
fi-6770(A) / fi-6670(A) / fi-6750S
fi-6240Z / fi-6230Z / fi-6140Z / fi-6130Z
fi-6010N / ScanSnap N1800 / N7100
SP25 / SP30 / SP30F
SP-1120 / SP-1125 / SP-1130

User's Guide

Latest versions of the Scanner Central Admin User's Guide are available from the manual downloads page.

Download Software

To download software and updates for your scanner, please refer to the Scanner Central Admin Software page.