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As a Global ICT Company, Fujitsu Group will Create Digital Transformation and Contribute to the Achievement of a Sustainable Society.

Fujitsu Limited President: Tatsuya Tanaka

Movements by the International Community toward Sustainable Society

The previous year marked a turning point in terms of agreements on new globally shared objectives for achieving a sustainable society. In September, the UN adopted sustainable development goals (SDGs), while at the 21st Conference of Parties (COP21) held in Paris in December, 196 participating countries and regions agreed on a new framework for combating climate change. There are increasing demands that international society come together to address issues such as food and water shortages, underdeveloped social infrastructure, climate change, and natural disasters.

Creation of New Value through Digital Transformation

Today, initiatives are moving forward to incorporate digital technologies into products, services, and processes that will create new value and transform business and public services. This is digital transformation. ICT has contributed to improvements in energy usage efficiency and to greater efficiency in the production and consumption of goods. From here on out, as diverse goods and services cross beyond the conventional boundaries to connect digitally, we believe that we can contribute to the achievement of optimal energy and resource usage throughout social systems, and to the resolution of new issues that may come about through natural disasters and urbanization. Fujitsu’s vision is the achievement of a safer, more prosperous and sustainable Human Centric Intelligent Society through the power of technology. We will pursue the realization of this vision and, together with our customers and partners, will make all-out efforts to create significant value for business and society.

Toward Environmental Management that Supports the Sustainability of our Customers and Society

In April 2016, we launched Fujitsu Group Environmental Action Plan (Stage VIII) as a step toward the achievement of our vision. The new environmental action plan furthers the two standpoints of contributing to society by ICT and reducing the environmental impacts of our business. Under contributing to society, we will make distinct contributions to the sustainability of our customers and society through our business activities. Under reducing the environmental impacts of our business, we will set greenhouse gas emission reduction targets with the COP21 framework in mind, and will strengthen initiatives along the entire value chain. Looking ahead, the Fujitsu Group will, as a global ICT company, create digital transformation through new connections with customers that cross the boundaries of industries and nations, and will contribute to the creation of a sustainable society.