Expectations vs. reality – the new digital divide with Fujitsu Digital Business Solutions

How long do you have to save your business? According to the World Bank, digital disruption puts $60 trillion of business is at risk of “redistribution” – that’s a polite way of saying “lost to new competitors” - by 2025. To give that some perspective, $60 trillion is nearly 300 percent greater than the entire US economy in 2018 based on IMF figures.

The stakes are high - according to our own research, 56 percent of business leaders accept their organization will not exist in its current form in five years’ time and 96 percent of financial organizations feel the need to digitally evolve to stay ahead of the market.

Drawing two worlds together

The need for change is one thing but how do you actually transform an organization?

New connected technologies have created a hyper-connected world, with business models shifting and evolving to include a mix of products and services, underpinned by monetization of vast amounts of available data.

Although digital is still relatively new, our expectations of what is now possible have shifted forever. You only have to look as far as the rocketing levels of digital literacy to realize that technology is becoming more pervasive and shows no signs of slowing down. However, it’s not just end-consumers whose sights have been raised – employees too have heightened expectations for engaging experiences, so that putting the user – whoever that is - at the center of digital transformation is an imperative.

Fujitsu has identified a risk here – that digital transformation opens up a gap between the expectations created by your digital vision and the physical reality of what can be delivered to the people that keep your business alive; customers, shareholders, employees and other stakeholders.

Technology might be omni-present but it is also highly complex and so fast-moving that businesses sometime struggle to exploit the huge array of benefits it can deliver. Leveraging the latent power within technology requires an implementation partner who can overcome this and offer proven solutions that deliver outcomes to meet industry-specific, unique challenges.

Fujitsu understands this and sees innovation not as an end in itself but a means to bridge the gap between the digital that already exists and the physical layer where customer and employee expectations and needs are satisfied. We help model, build and maintain a continuum between these two worlds, bridging the gap between expectations and reality, creating a seamless transition for employees and end users.

Fuelled by data from connected users and devices, analyzed by AI, processed by RPA, optimized by Intelligent automation or quantum-inspired solutions, informed by sector-specific insight and specialism, and then delivered as crystalized insights – Fujitsu is drawing the two worlds together.

Fujitsu Digital Business Solutions – a digital transformation engine

Our Digital Business Solutions practice is a digital transformation engine for our customers, helping them to become more competitive in their markets by leveraging innovative solutions, based on cutting-edge technologies.

We have built local capabilities to get closer to our customers. This team, passionate about innovation, leverages Fujitsu’s global partner ecosystem and connects with industry and technology experts to deliver strategic and human centric solutions to our clients, implementing best of breed technologies.

Maybe you want to automate a manual, repetitive process, get a complete handle on the location, value and depreciation of your assets, or reduce fraud and the cost of your process. Fine – technology can now do all of that. It can give you a totally new way of meeting customer needs in a market you’ve never operated in before. It can even completely transform how your global employees think about their careers with you – increasing loyalty, reducing turnover, improving customer service.

But it doesn’t just happen – you need to know how.

We help customers by enabling them to leapfrog traditional incremental improvements and redefine what is possible in their markets. We lead customers on their transformational journeys, turning them into disrupters, rather than the victims of disruption. We co-create solutions with you to reap the benefits of connected technologies by placing data and analytics at the heart of your organization, providing proactive problem solving and implementing new business models. This is more than just efficient business operations – this is true transformation.

The new business challenge is to think radically enough to cut through to real transformation.

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