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Telecommunications Solutions

Driven by multimedia consumption and the data explosion, network traffic is increasing exponentially with no foreseeable limits. In this fast-paced and highly competitive industry, network service providers (NSPs) must constantly focus on maintaining profitable revenue streams and business models by building and leveraging customer relationships. This requires increasing investment in network capacity and systems that meet rising customer expectations.

Fujitsu is uniquely positioned to help NSPs master these challenges. Fujitsu is a unique ITC company – an IT product and services partner and an end-to-end telecoms equipment manufacturer (TEM) in one. This combination of capabilities enables Fujitsu to intimately support the communications requirements of both network operators and enterprise clients to deliver comprehensive, fully integrated solutions.

Fujitsu's offerings encompass NSPs' full customer, consumer or business lifecycle. The relationship starts with customer acquisition systems via multimedia services or retail operations. This is then followed by service activation through operation support systems (OSSs) and integration into business support systems (BSS). That then establishes the basis for the billing and customer relationship management (CRM) systems that power end-user customer service centers.

Fujitsu provides support all along the way. We have delivered systems for customer acquisition, CRM, BSS and OSS for many NSPs globally. Our Customer Service Desks support end users worldwide.

Why choose Fujitsu for telecommunications solutions?

  • Fujitsu IT technology – including slates, PCs and servers – underpin NSP business and intelligent network (IN) environments. In Spain, Fujitsu manages Telefonica’s data center operations. For Meditel, VIVO, and Nokia Siemens Networks, Fujitsu servers support real-time customer IN platforms.
  • Fujitsu Telecoms Equipment has legacy customers worldwide dating from Fujitsu's inception in 1935 as a TEM. Today, our leading-edge Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks underpin DoCoMo 4G in Japan. In addition, Fujitsu's high-capacity Ethernet networks support Verizon customers, such as the London Stock Exchange.
  • Fujitsu has recently launched the first global-standards LTE dongle.
  • Fujitsu produces more than five million smartphone handsets annually for the markets in Japan and China.